What do you mean a baby?


So…my husband’s good friend came over today for his usual defeat on the tennis court. My husband happens to play good tennis and his friend, well…he only plays good tennis in his head and in his memories….

I stopped by to see the abuse and ask the friend how his new baby was. Much to my surprise (not!), he showed minimal interest in talking about his newborn and even less interest in his wife. But what he did show an interest in was the fact that I did not (nor do I now) what to have any kids.
He was talking like the main purpose of women is to breed!
What?! I know, who would have “thunk” that in this day and age there are still people that think that the only purpose a woman really has is to be the sperm oven.
He even went as far as to say that the women that don’t have kids go on to use “reverse psychology” when speaking about the fact that they never had kids.
He said “usually those women spend all their time talking about how great their lives are without kids”…because we all know that life without kids is soooooo not great, right?
I was totally floored because I truly feel that women have so much more to give than just kids. It’s not a necessary checkmark anymore. Kids are totally optional and if you don’t have them…it’s totally okay.
I don’t know if I will have kids, all I can do is honestly answer the question based on my current state of mind.
And if you ask me right now, I will say “no, I don’t want kids right now”…but if you ask me tomorrow or next week or next year…I may change my mind, or I may not.
My purpose here is to be a fabulous person, to help those that may come my way and to love and be loved….it’s not to go through a checklist that reads like this:

1) grow up and be a “lady”
2) use your brain when it comes to finding a husband
3) be a good wife once a husband is secured
4) become a mother (only if you are married, see steps 2 & 3)
5) become a grandmother
6) die

Yeah, it’s probably better and more detailed than that, but you get the drift….don’t you?

Peace, love and contraceptives!!