The land of smelly peeps…I mean, the land of wine and cheese!

I have arrived!!

No, I don’t mean that I have finally made it to the front page of the society pages…yes, I am obsessed with the Housewives of New York.
What I mean is that I have arrived to my final destination…no, not death.
Paris, France.
After a month of trying to tie up loose ends, I finally allowed myself to get on the plane and admit that whatever wasn’t finished, would just have to wait.
I did only accept this after my third glass of Chardonnay…thank you Swiss Airlines!
487729131406509349131406797729131406But we, the kids (aka my beloved furry little Chihuahuas) arrived in Paris after a grueling 10 hour flight day. We made a quick change over in Zurich, which was necessary since the dogs were both doing the pee pee dance…you know the one, right? Where you dance with your knees together and try to jump at the same time. Well, believe it or not (okay, not) they were dancing…so we raced through the Zurich airport. I kid, no one races through Zurich…it’s all too prestine and organized there…and we had, and I quote, “43 minutes before your flight leaves. It will take you about 7 minutes to go out the doors and then about 12 minutes to go back through security, so you see, you will have plenty of time to take the doggies for their pee pee”…
Love the Swiss, cause you know in Miami we would be “hell, no! you don’t got time to take your dogs for piss! Security take long time, like a hour, you be stoopid if you leave”. Gotta love Miami (to always and forever be pronouced Mee A Mee).

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late, I know), we made our flight to Paris and arrived to find my handsome husband waiting for us at the airport. Cuuuuute!
We loaded up my bags (which were only two but weighed enough for four) into our new summer rental, a Suzuki Vitara…which I must admit only in the comfort of you, it is quiet nice.
The radio was on NRJ and if you’ve ever been to Europe…you know that it the only station they really like. It’s like 80’s radio gone bad. Songs we would never play in the States are the #1 on this station. I call it bubble gum pop…so sweet and sugary it makes your head hurt after a while…and it does.

40 minutes later, we arrived to our new apartment. Love LovE LoVE LOVE it!! It’s in an amazing location (one block from L’Madeline)…we have the cutest restaurants on our block and we have everything we could ask for in the apartment.
I quickly did some laundry (any clothes worn on a plane for that long must either be washed right away or burned…that smell should not be legal) and showered. Off to eat at our nearby Brasserie…quiche Lorraine for moi and croque madame for him…yumm!! Carbs!!

So, that has been our first official day in the “City of Lights”. It’s a little rainy which has given me an excuse for excessive napping (and the jetlag didn’t help either), but I am sure that tomorrow I will be ready to venture out and take this city by storm…or maybe at least like a small breeze…but I’m gonna take this city, at least a little bit!

For now…au revoir!!