Alja who???

Minor downfalls of living in Europe: there are no true food delivery places.

I mean, if you want a pizza, you have to basically go and order, wait for it and then bring it back to your apartment once it’s almost too cold to enjoy.
Or, as I have learned to do, I can walk the dogs, place and order at the chinese restaurant next door and then as we (the dogs and I) are heading back…I pick up my somewhat nutricious meal of fried stuff.
That has worked out okay, but I do miss the days of speed dialing “Big Pink”.
Second thing that I will admit to missing is the television. I mean, it’s wonderful that here in the apartment, thanks to free box, we have literally 600 channels. Of course, there are only three (3!!!!) in English.

Now, I know…I’m being a total language snob, but a girl’s got to watch TV while eating her take out Chinese, right?

So, my three channels are:
Fashion TV….great, just what I need.
Watching 20 year olds wear the clothes that only 60 year old people can afford.
Then there is the ever cheerful (total sarcasm) Sky News straight from England. This channel has completely opened my eyes to the England.
It’s fucking depressing there!
I mean, yes, there are great things like London and tea time and big floppy hats, but for the most part, that little island is full of violence and people hiring hit men to kill their spouses (this has been the most recent top story).
So, I try to avoid that channel except if I feel down…that channel has the amazing ability to always make me feel better.
And then there’s last but not least, the Al Jazeera Network.
What!! I know, my own ignorance and steryotype screamed the same when I first saw it listed. But I must confess, that we are highly mislead in the States as to the kind of broadcasting this channel does.
It’s based out of Doha, Quatar and it is NOT a Muslim channel, it is not an anti-American channel and it does not show propaganda convincing us that the western culture is wrong. On the contrary, it shows what is happening in the world from the people’s perspective.
They report from all over the world about the economy, the governments, the weather, what the local people are eating…and none of it has a hint of undertone that is anti-American. It is important that we leave our bubble of safety while we’re in the US. We need to educate ourselves with other outlets not affiliated with either a left side or the right side (like Fox News).
There are soooooo many things going on in the world that WILL affect us and we often don’t hear about it because our press is busy reporting on the trial of Paris Hilton or the latest chapter in celebrity divorces. And I think our government wants it like this…makes people easier to manage and definitely easier to mentally control.
So, do yourself and our future a favor and go out there into the vast world of the internet and check out And for once in a long time….let’s make opinions based on what we learn and not what we hear.

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  1. June 17, 2008 / 5:18 pm

    BIG PINK!!!! they may take a while and get your order wrong, but at least you never have to leave the couch (or the balcony chairs)…aaahhhh, the good ol’ days. :)