Ground breaking or where music goes to die?

Obviously there are many things about Europe that classify it, borderline stereotypically, as Europe. And for me, it’s not the food or the funny accents…it’s the music. Now I have been battling with the radio stations here since I arrived. I have learned to pick and chose my battles with the DJ’s….I mean, some old songs do need to be replayed (Roxette, The Look) but others….once they’re dead…they should stay dead, no? I mean…I don’t ever need to hear Ace of Base again.
What’s also funny about the radio here is that people that have no career in the states…can totally be rock stars here.
Paris Hilton’s CD is STILL being sold in stores.
Last I checked us in the states were using it as a shiny coaster. Seal and Lenny Kravitz are looked at like Bono. And no offense to either man, but it’s not like they’re topping the charts over in the US of A.
Enrique Iglesias has the biggest hit in Europe!! What??!!
I know…he’s cute and all, but can he sing? I told my husband that this is like the Florida of Pop music. This is where music goes to live out it’s “golden years”….here, the shelf life is extended by at least a decaded. And Celine Dion thanks God for that…her heart will actually go on :)
But on the other hand, there are some great bands/singers coming from some European nations (mostly UK, but France has some amazing new hip music). It’s not quiet as mainstream as Coldplay or Keane, but there is potential and for me, there’s hope that I won’t have to listen to Kid Rock for much longer.
In the end, it’s not that big of deal, but I do think it’s funny that what we consider “garbage”, Europe will embrace. Now, if they start playing Heidi Montag’s music, then we’ll have to hold an intervention, but I guess until then it’s not sooooo terrible to listen to a little Spin Doctors….oh, who am I kidding. Will somebody please change the channel???!!!