I’m BACK….didn’t you miss me??!

I ran into my fabulous neighbor from 1411 today and he mentioned that he accidentally found my blog and read it (whatever, stalker!).
And then I remembered about my forgotten love…my blog! So, I made a point to write to you all today.
I’m back in Miami, working a new gig and overall wondering why the humidity is soooo cruel to my hair. You know, the usual stuff.
Not much has changed, although anytime you leave for over a week, the narcissistic person inside all of us insists that EVERYTHING has changed in our absence.
But alas, life goes on without us.

I returned home to my bed…which I had not really appreciated the beauty of until I returned. I mean, it’s my bed…all mine (well, half my husband’s but I do hog it most it). And I can do my laundry whenever I want. I don’t have to have the hotel do it nor do I have to carry my dirty clothes to a coin laundry mat…yes, I did that…and no, it’s not chic.
I can order food!! I can watch a thousand channels and I have TIVO!! I can swear at the people crossing the street because they’re not walking fast enough!! I can meet friends out for drinks and the bartenders will know what a mojito is!! I mean….I’m home!
I love it here! I do…despite the lack of culture, and the abundance of humidity and silicone. Despite the fact we all drive huge SUVs while still complaining about the price of gas. I love that I can go to the grocery store and actually give myself a headache while trying to chose the kind of pasta sauce I want or the brand of cereal I want to eat.
I love it all!!!
Yes, I know…I sound like a lunatic in love, but I am…both of those things. Lunatic because the things I used to be bothered by are the things I really missed. In love because I am really happy here in my little bubble called South Beach. We have it so good here.
I wake up and see the sun over the ocean, I walk to work and see palm trees swaying in the breeze (okay…they don’t sway, but there are palm trees here). And as cheesy as the bumper sticker is….truth is:

Mojitos and Love Forever!!


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  1. August 30, 2008 / 7:02 pm

    welcome back to the good life honey…i was afraid you converted to 100% Euro on me. see you soon. XOXO