Bon Jour!! I have arrived mon petite peeps :)

I’m back in the world of blogging…woo hoo! Can’t you just feel the excitement and exhilaration??

Say yes! At least pretend…

Well, I left the comfort of the Miami last Thursday to arrive in Zurich Friday morning to connect to Nice that same day to arrive and catch a bus to St. Tropez….oy vey!

The traveling was not the best….I had a lovely business class seat en route to Zurich, and just as I was getting ready to order my first class of champagne, the rest of the people on board my flight got on.

It is the only time that I have ever seen this…but there were SEVEN kids in business class. And not like young hip kids, more like screaming for eight hours kind of kids.

Needless to say, my chic visions of filet and wine were quickly thrown out the emergency row window.

It would be a long flight after all…at least there was in-flight entertainment to keep me company…if only I could have gotten the volume on my headset to surpass the pipes on that toddler, I would have been set.
The only ones that slept through the whole flight were my super adorable petite chiens…Mona curled up with me in my seat and she throuroughly enjoed the flatbed and Bruno loved his personal space in the carrier bag. I must say, when dogs are better trained then kids…it’s tough for me to ever switch teams (to motherhood I mean).
But I digress, let’s continue on our way, shall we?

So, I arrived (c’est moi, bitches!) and met up with the hubby in Zurich.

Connection to Nice was easy (I passed out and woke up there…could you ask for a better flight?) and the bus to St. Tropez was luxe and smooth….so things were looking up, or where they?

We arrived in St. Tropez…dirty, sweaty, tired and hungry.

We checked into our hotel which was located directly behind Place des Lices…the location could not have been better…but that’s where the perks of the hotel ended.

The room was ,no joke, the size of my closet at home.

Now keep in mind that I am traveling with two bags, two dogs and one purse. The hubby also has two bags, one messenger bag and his tennis rackets.

After squeezing everything into the room, we realized we had no way of walking around the room…so the bed became a bridge. If you needed to cross to the other side, the shoes came off and across the bed you went.

Oh yeah…this was not what I was hoping for after an extremely long day, but c’est la vie and when in St. Tropez, you do as they do….so we showered, left and went to play Bocce ball on the Place des Lices.

Bocce ball is pretty much a way of life here…the men take this very seriously. They play for hours on end. We don’t…which explained why we lost in the first round of the Bocce ball tournament.

After our humiliating attempt at Bocce we walked to the harbor where all the ridiculous expensive and over sized ships are docked.

We live in Miami and we have huge yachts there during season, BUT this was a whole new league.

Every yacht was worth over $10M!! They were huge and luxurious and docked for your viewing pleasure.

I heard someone mention that having a yacht in St. Tropez is a lot of work…you’re constantly looking for people to come to your yacht so you can look like you have the best parties…interesting competition and I wish we would have been asked to play.

But we weren’t…and dancing on someone’s yacht was not in the cards for us.

Then again, there’s always next time :)

My next post will be from Gay Paree…so no doubt I will be caffeinated and carbed up for your reading pleasure :)

Till then….love, million dollar yachts and children-free business class for all :)



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  1. August 20, 2009 / 7:03 am

    i love that the dogs were out in the cabin with you! i hope i can arrange that for my jack russells soon. watch out AA international business class!