On the twelfth day of Paris, my true love gave to meeeeeee…………….

12 days in an amazing city! 
*Yes, this city is amazing. I love it more each time and I know that it loves me…or so I tell myself*
11 breakfasts of croissants and café au lait.
*That’s not an exaggeration nor a joke…I literally ate croissants for breakfast everyday! Eeek!!*
10 plateau de frommage as an appetizer
*I do love a nice plate of stinky cheese…delish*
9 bottles of red wine
*Okay, it may have been a couple more but it goes with the song so it’s staying*
8 dinners in amazing restaurants
Le Roi du Pot au Feu
34 Rue Vignon
Paris, France 75009
*Great peasant food. Delicious stews, wine on every table and a great ambiance. This is the perfect meal after a day of a lot of walking and you need fuel to get to bed ;)*
La Fidelite
12 Rue de la Fidelite
Paris, France 75010
*Very young, up and coming area. This restaurant is chic, fresh and definitely filled with the hip people in Paris. The restaurant had great food, ambiance, and cocktails and the architecture was fabulous. This is a very “in the know” place, so if you really don’t want to hang out with every other tourist, come here.*
La Fontaine de Mars
129 Rue Saint-Dominique
Paris, France 75005
*We literally stumbled into this place when on a typical tourist day at the Eiffel Tower, it started to pour. We originally wanted to go to a place that was packed….with tourists.
We figured since we didn’t know any other place around the area…that would be a safe bet but alas, the Gourmet Food Gods were smiling on us and the touristy place did not have room for our group of 6.
So…disappointed, we kept walking further and further away from the Eiffel Tower.
Taking a turn into a more traditional Parisian street, we began to feel hope for our growling stomachs. We found this restaurant and asked if they had room, after a quick look up and down (we must have made the cut), we were seated in a fabulously cozy table and began our journey down delicious lane.
This place is the quintessential elegant Parisian bistro.
The menu has things such as calves head salad and sweet breads but not to fear, there are also items such as filet mignon, salmon, delicious scallops, and a free range chicken that looked amazing (two of our table guests ordered the chicken and they LOVED it).
We ate like Kings and Queens and we really loved the whole three hour long lunch experience. We had appetizers, entrees, desserts, coffees, wines, teas….it was amazing. My husband and I have decided that it is on our top 5 Parisian restaurant list…it was just spectacular. Fancy French has never tasted so good!*
Hotel Costes
239 Rue Saint-Honore
Paris, France 75001
*This is a place you go to for the scene and it lives up to that reputation.
We ate a nice meal…the food was good, not great, but that didn’t really matter. The place is opulent and sexy, dark and mysterious, chic and elitist, beautiful décor and music….we loved it!
We were with a friend who happens to be well know in the sports world, so during our after dinner drinks in the patio part of the hotel, we had several people stop by and say “hello”:
Christian Audiger, Eric Omores (owner of all Nikki Beach clubs) and then the son of Nicolas Sarkozy with Alicia Keys (!!).
We totally felt VIP (even though it was very clear that it wasn’t us that they were stopping by to see).
Also spotted the night we ate there was Maria Sharapova with her posse…and I must say, she looked very chic…in case anyone cares…or maybe I just wanted to keep name dropping ;)
Buddha Bar
8 Bis Rue Boissy d’Anglas
Paris, France 75008
*The truth is, this is also one of those places that you don’t go for the food; you go for the ambiance.
It definitely is a must see as it is quiet beautiful inside and of course, the music is fabulous.
This place has become a huge marketing and it sells you shirts when you’re walking in which can come across very cheesy touristy but if you overlook that and grab at least a drink in the upstairs lounge, I think you will see why this place became so big.
It feels very loungy and after all, it’s Buddha Bar ;)
Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Sixth Floor
40 Boulevard Haussmann
Paris, France 75009
*I LOVE this place for lunch. I know it seems weird to dine inside a “mall” but trust me that you will enjoy it.
This is a self service restaurant with a salad bar area, carving station, pasta station, soup station and more desserts than you can imagine.
It has amazing prices and the meals are delicious PLUS the icing on the cake is most definitely the view you get when dining at Lafayette Caffe.
The restaurant is situation on the 6th floor of the gorgeous Galleries Lafayette mall and the view is amazing.
You have the Eiffel Tower to stare at while you eat your lunch or the top of the beautiful Opera building with its golden statues gleaming in the sun or maybe you just want to stare at Sacre Couer while sipping coffee…whatever the case, this is a MUST DO place while you’re in Paris.
We go there every year at least three times…we love it all.
And while you’re heading up to the 6th floor, it doesn’t hurt to view the designer merchandise that lead you all the way up ;)*
Le Curieux Spaghetti Bar
14 Rue Saint Merri
Paris, France 75004
*This is a great place if you’re near Notre Dame or the George Pompidou center.
It has day long service (love that when you’re jet lagged).
It’s a great little pasta place in a fun part of town with yummy wines and drinks. It has a nice happy hour crowd that is mostly young (a lot of gay) professionals.
Delicious plates, reasonable prices and FREE WI-FI…so plant yourself on the banquette, take on some carbs and wine and log on to read my blog ;)*
Georges at the George Pompidou Center, 6th Floor
19 Rue Beaubourg
Paris, France 75004
*Wow! This place has views that definitely take your breath away.
Reservations are very tough to get so make sure you make them in advance or by tipping your hotel concierge a nice hefty handshake, but however you do it….make sure you go.
The food is the same menu as Hotel Costes as they are both run by the same group…which means the food is good but not great. That’s okay, being on the 6th floor of this ultra modern museum makes up for it with its design, décor and view.
Dress to impress here…the hostesses do and they’ll put you to shame if you’re not walking in six inch heels….so get to practicing ;)
We would definitely come back here again for dinner and try it for lunch…on a sunny Parisian day, I don’t think there could be a better place to an outdoors lunch then on the roof of the George Pompidou Center.*
7 days of tennis
*Roland Garros was fabulous…the red clay, the baguettes and the transsexuals waiting for the players outside of the stadium…LOVED IT!*
6 hours of sightseeing with a chauffeured Mercedes
*Thanks William for being sooooo over the top and letting us tag along*
5 overstuffed heavy bags
*And before you blame it on my shopping, I must tell you that I really do believe that clothes multiply when you unpack them…it can’t be that the luggage used to zip shut and now it doesn’t.
4 full days with “fabulously” fabulous friends
*Being in a foreign city is great, being in a foreign city with close friends is priceless.*
3 hours of shopping (I am quick but efficient)
*Printemps and Galleries Lafayette…need I shop more?*
2 hot and sunny days (although the rainy cold wasn’t all bad…it’s still Paris after all)
*I do miss a little bit of sun and heat but I won’t complain….I swear…okay, maybe it was a little too cold some days, but that’s it. No more from these fingers…okay, maybe one more line about the rain…damn you rain clouds!….okay, I’m done now ;) *
1 “Must have it” gray beautiful Yves Saint Laurent bag!!!!!
*Yes… I saw, I loved, I purchased….well, actually the hubby purchased but it was still my moment.
Love the bag and the feeling you get when you leave a boutique with a prized possession. Clearly I have a problem.*

I have loved my time (big shocker there) in this city once again.
Every year I am amazed at the beauty, the chicness, the chaos, the energy, the people, the food, the culture, the FRIENDLINESS (!!! Yes, the French are very friendly) and the history of this city that I hold so dear to my heart.
I am blessed (okay, Hallmark moment coming up) to be able to come here every year and spend weeks taking it all in.
While I’m being a Lifetime Movie chick, I’d like to thank my hubby who does things despite his level of “fun” factor (shopping, sightseeing, checking out the Gay neighborhoods). He never complains about how I run the day (Surprise! I’m a control freak). He always says “If it makes you happy, let’s do it.”
And he means it when he says it….he is just fantastic and I definitely lucked out with this handsome, thoughtful, funny, charming, sweet, honest man.
I guess this city warms my cold little heart and makes me a big pile of mush…which is not hard to believe consider the amount of bread I consumed while here.
Elastic waistbands will become all the rage in my wardrobe this European season ;)
And as I sit now on the TGV heading to Zurich, I am a little sad to leave my Parisian life behind but clean air and delicious chocolates awaits…so the withdrawals symptoms will be tolerable.

Au Revoir mon Paris…a l’annee prochain!

From Paris with Love,
Princess Martha


  1. February 15, 2011 / 7:07 pm

    Love it! Feels like I was right there with you.

  2. Lisa
    July 2, 2012 / 10:04 pm

    I was directed to this post from your latest outfit post and so glad I read it! The more I read your posts the more alike I think we are. I LOVE Paris too, I’m a total francophile and have gone a couple of times with my boyfriend. He also never complains when I make him do silly things like wait in line to get into Louis Vuitton or drag him down Champs Elysees or Rue St Honore just so I can do a shopping spree! :)