The smallest little things can make the biggest impact

When it comes to travel, the worse part of the whole thing is usually the packing. Trying to find space for shoes, bags, coats, and wardrobe is never easy…which is why we love nail polish. It takes up minimal space in your luggage, always enhances your wardrobe and it’s a great way to update your look to the latest trends in colors.
Anne Hathaway       SelenaGomez       Heidi Klum

Solange Knowles        jennifer-lopez-silver-nail-polish       JessicaSimpson
We definitely recommend taking at least two colors, one nail file and a small travel size bottle of acetone when you travel. Having your nails polished can always make you feel complete and it’s a great way to incorporate some colors into your look that you may not normally be comfortable wearing as clothing.
And besides, we think there are few things more feminine than lovely polished nails…Whether you’re waving, blowing a kiss or just shaking hands, polished nails will always make you look chic.
This season, the blues and greens are making a mark. Then of course, there is always the popular dark reds. Purples tones are back and greys have definitely worked their way into this year’s trends.
Here are some adventurous, luxurious and fun colors for this winter season:
       my private jet by opi      road house blues by opi     honk if you love opi by opi
   siberian nights by opi   suzy says da    got the blues for red
Uh oh roll down the window by opi suzy takes the wheel by opi warm and fozzie barefoot in barcelona
midnight cami by essie         Bobbing for baubles       Going incognitoCocktail bling by essie     it's genius by essie    fishnet stockings by essie
    zoya Kristen   Zoya Dovima    Zoya Cynthia
    Zoya Valerie    Zoya Riley    Zoya Kalmia    
So don’t forget to save a little bit of space in your luggage for a couple bottles of polish…it’s the perfect fashion accessory!
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