EM Nail Spa in Miami Beach

Okay, I don’t know about you guys but finding a good nail salon is as important to me as finding a good car mechanic or as I learned this past weekend, a good computer guy…it’s essential. I love having my nails done because it’s an extension of my personal fashion style and it’s a mini pamper session. But of course, the nail salon is the most important component to that happy equation because not only could they give you a bad nail job but they can also give you a nasty fungus…so always be aware to know how clean your salon is…and this is one salon I can wholeheartedly give my Princess Martha seal of approval to…Welcome to EM Nail Salon

Em Nail Salon  is situation on Alton Road next to Taste Bakery and you must know where to look for it or else you’ll easily pass it. Thankfully they have some parking in the back but be prepared with some quarters…we all know that parking karma in Miami doesn’t always work out for us. So here we are…let’s step on in for a mani/pedi shall we?IMG_0073
First off, you are greeted immediately by a very friendly staff…and you’ll notice the peaceful vibe of this simply decorated salon. There are colors to make any body happy…you can chose to go all classic with the gorgeous Ballet Slippers or take a walk on the dark side with Lincoln Park after Dark. Whatever color you are inclined to use, you will find it. I personally like to be a little adventurous with my nail polishes…I mean, if I hate it tomorrow, I can always take it off…so no fear there.IMG_0076IMG_0079
Will you’re waiting for your appointment or just drying your nails, you can feast your eyes on the many trendy and colorful bracelet options. I think they’re super fun and very well priced.IMG_0078IMG_0077
Next, sit down for your pedicure in one of their many massaging chairs…oh yes, now this is pampering to the max. There is something so relaxing about getting your feet scrubbed with a delectable sugar scrub, while feeling your back get kneaded and reading the latest gossip magazine…you know, the little things in life ;)
Lastly, step over for your manicure where any of the super qualified technicians (I mean that…all the ladies are super qualified) will clean up your nails, trim your cuticles and polish your hands to extreme softness. IMG_0086
So, if you’re like me and enjoy the luxury of having your hands and feet done, do not hesitate to visit EM Nail Salon. Their prices are amazing ($40.00 for the mani/pedi with scrub), their staff is superb and the location itself has a wonderful relaxing air to it.
I was so happy to share my last mani/pedi experience with my dear friend Linda. It was the perfect way to catch up, relax and enjoy the day!IMG_0089
See you around!!