Hi Peeps,
I had a little bit of writer’s block (or as I really should call it: laziness) since I last wrote you all about the fabulosity of Paris…and I’ve been working with a girlfriend on another blog…so I have kind of drawn a blank about what to write about here…my own, fabulous, free space.
Sometimes I think…”why am I making this more difficult for myself…just write about what I love and it will come naturally”…so here I am, writing to you about something I love more than Louboutins (okay, I’m exaggerating but I do love this topic a lot…perhaps more than a nutella crepe)…the amazing topic of the day (and basically the new motivation for this revamped blog) is: MIAMI!!


Yeah…that’s right…I’m talking about my home town; a city that has captured so many hearts from all over the world and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say “yeah… I’m pretty lucky to call this paradise home”.

So let’s get started and be ready drink the kool-aid I’ll be serving you cause I will have you loving Miami before the end of this post ;)

First thing you should know about Miami is that it is essentially it’s own country…we don’t have a unified language but we do have a unified sense of loyalty to this city.
It’s a complete and utterly chaotic blend of Latin, European, Haitian, Gay, Straight, Young, Old, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Superficial & Organic…you’ll see everything from big boobied blond Barbie dolls to a Hare Krishna chanting on Lincoln Road.
It’s absolutely fabulous!!

This city has attracted a little bit of everything…and unlike in other big cities, here in Miami, we all live/socialize/enjoy the city together.
And sure, it can be a lot for some but for me, I embrace the uniqueness of this city completely.

Here are some things that I LOVE about this city:
…the smell of the moisture in the air when get off a plane and land back here in Miami.
It’s a wonderful mixture of salt air, humidity & an occasional scent of coconut suntan lotion.


…that you can get Cuban coffee at almost any corner and it doesn’t come from a Starbucks.
Cuban coffee is our version of liquid cocaine…it is NOT for the tame of heart but it sure is delicious ;) Cuban coffee stands are as common as streetlights here in Miami…they’re everywhere. Walk up to any stand and order yourself a little “cubanito” to fuel your day (heck, you may be able to fuel your whole week on that one cup)

…that our version of winter is high of 82 degrees and no humidity.
Miamians are funny about weather…we complain about the heat in the summer even though we all live in air-conditioned homes but in the winter, we all love the weather although sometimes Mother Nature will through us a curveball and drop the temperatures to around 60 degrees (hey, it’s cold for us)…then you go to Lincoln Road and see everyone in scarves, gloves and boots…I guess any excuse to use our “winter wardrobe”is a good one ;)

…that driving a scooter while wearing Jimmy Choos is totally normal (I do this all the time).
One of my truly favorite things about Miami is the fact that you can be outside almost every day…there is very little need for a car if your not on the highway. I love the fact that I can be all dressed up and jump on my scooter and head out. There’s little fear of rain, sleet, snow so next time you’re here…rent a scooter or better yet, rent a bike and use it as your transportation…it’s truly a luxury…better than any fancy car ;)


…that a bathing suit can be considered a wardrobe staple.
Miami is a tropical city and with that comes a tropical sense of style. We’re more relaxed with our clothing and we practically live in light materials (linens, cottons, silk). In fact, it’s not terribly weird to spend a whole day in your bathing suit. A bathing suit is much more than a bathing suit here…it’s a piece of clothing.
Pair your suit with a great tunic or a polo for the men, nice sandals and you’re good to go from pool to happy hour ;)


…that the Design District/Wynwood area (which used to be cracktown) has blossomed into a desired location for all things artsy, fabulous and chic (hello!! Louis Vuitton is opening up their headquarters in the Design District).


…that as much as people want to think we’re only about the parties…we keep proving them wrong with our amazing lineups at the Arsht Center, with the free symphonies on the park, with the ever growing Art Basel. We are a city with looks and brains, honey!
Well, as I get more comfortable in my Miami Martha role…you’ll see talk about where I’m eating, what show I saw, what exhibit you MUST see, where I bought those kick-ass heels for barely nothing and what I love about Miami.

So hang on, jump on my virtual scooter and let’s get ready for a Miami ride!!



  1. April 25, 2012 / 1:40 am

    This is fabulous! Omg your pictures! You are stunning and I am in love with your bike photo with your dog in the front basket! I have always wanted to visit Miami and I know when I get the chance to I will fall in love!! Keep up the awesome posts!

  2. April 25, 2012 / 1:33 pm

    Thank you guys for your support and love! I enjoy both your blogs and I look forward to sharing more Miami soon!

  3. April 25, 2012 / 10:32 pm

    Bella Ivo and you are so beautiful in this photo. Love the post.