South Pointe Park

Just outside of my apartment is a path that leads me to South Pointe Park…it’s a little slice of heaven here in South Beach.
Well, first of all…it was a dogtrack (yeah, me being the animal lover that I am…you can imagine how I would have handled living next to that), then when I moved down here in the early 2000’s…the park was so gross and scary that not even the gangsters of Miami hung out there. It was basically a place where you could go and mingle with the finest single drunk men around. Ahhhh, memories…
But finally, after over 20 million dollars and almost 2 years of construction, South Pointe Park was finished and opened for all of us to enjoy.

It is now a place full of families, joggers, doggies chasing each other and this massive art sculpture called….wait for it, drumroll please….”The Lighthouse” by German artist Tobias Rehberger. I have a feeling this sculpture is destined to be like the Eiffel Tower with regards to the controversy…some people hate, some people love…but it’s here to stay and I for on enjoy the color and whimsical design of this sculpture.
South Pointe park is absolutely perfect for everyone and anyone…Check out this mom and her baby sunbathing…Now check out the pervy man in the boat trying to talk her up…yep, even fishermen are pervy.
Now, let’s take a walk around this fabulous little park…and one I like to think of as my own backyard:
So, the main reason that I go enjoy this park as often as I do is because of my adorable little “nuggets”…Les Chihuahuas, Mona & Bruno. I walk through this park everyday and I’m thankful for those moments of tranquility and reflection…guess having a dog does lead to a healthier, happier life.
Now, if you ask me how I feel about walking them when it’s pouring down rain or hotter than hell, I may not have so many charming words to use…but you caught me on a good weather day, so I’m happy as a clam to tell you how much I enjoy my walks with the nuggets.
Well, that’s it for this virtual walk around South Pointe Park…if you’re visiting Miami, be sure to take time from club hopping and beach gawking to come down and enjoy this picturesque spot right on the tip of South Beach. If you live here and you haven’t been…make a plan to come down ASAP…it’s worth the drive/stress to find parking/urge to bypass the park and head straight to Monty’s Happy Hour.
See you all later!



  1. April 25, 2012 / 10:34 pm

    It is a beautiful place and you described it very nice.

  2. April 30, 2012 / 11:55 pm

    Cant wait to take the boys :) maybe a doggy too? Its so cute, I wish they had something like that here :)