La vie Française au A La Folie!

Well, if you don’t know me…you don’t know that I love all things French…but I do. Je l’adore…all of it. The music, the culture, the fashion, the history, the art and above all…the language. It is a personal dream of mine to speak fluent French and that dream lead to me begin taking intensive French class at Miami-Dade College…so twice a week for 3 hours a day, I head over to my class and learn French.
Well, now that summer is knocking on our doors, it’s time to say “au revoir” to the French classes…and so to celebrate our last class and the completion of another semester of French, my classmates and I (along with our professor) headed to A La Folie restaurant.
This place is a little, tiny piece of Paris…on the little, tiny charming street of Espanola Way.IMG_0562IMG_0564
Their specialty is delicious crepes (duh!) but I gotta tell you…I love everything on their menu. Their French onion soup is delicious, the sandwiches are wonderful, their wine selection is good and the ambiance…c’est tres jolie!
This is a wonderful spot for coffee too…and being that they’re French and all…they don’t rush  you out the door…here you feel like you could sit and drink your coffee, read your book and discuss the French politics till your heart’s content.
For me, it’s top 5 one of my favorite restaurants in Miami Beach because it’s simple, good and authentic…
Whether you come for coffee, cheese, wine or crepe…your experience here on this charming street in this delectable café will make you feel miles from 33139…it’s the kind of place that has this “je ne sais quoi” factor…
It’s a definite recommendation on my part…I could (and have) spent hours there. So if you haven’t been, check it out…you’ll be seeing la vie en rose the minute you sit down ;)
See you around!XOXO,

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  1. Nathyness says:

    Haha, you’re like my long lost twin! I love all things French. I took a year of French in high school, and another year in college (at UM <3). It's also my dream to speak fluent French, and if I wasn't unemployed I'd also take those conversational classes at MDC!
    I was able to go to Paris in June! And Toulouse, and Limoges.. And other little random places along the way from Paris to Barcelona. We took a bus. Here are my posts about Paris! They highlight my outfits and some of my favorite photos I took:

    • Princess Martha says:

      Thank you for sharing these great pictures and links!!
      The classes I take are in the evening on Tuesday/Thursdays…so if you can make it after work, I think you’d like it :)
      We have a fabulous instructor…have had her for about 2 years :)

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