"My Ceviche" is my type of place!

Situated on the Washington Avenue between 2 and 3rd street is literally a hole in the wall restaurant called My Ceviche.


It’s next to a youth hostel…which is not as sketchy or scary as it sounds…promise. I found this place because my friend practically lives there and she insisted that I must try it…so not one to piss anyone off, I went. I picked up the hubby and off we were. So come on, let’s not just stand here and stare…let’s take a look at what this little place is all about, shall we?
First thing we noticed was the super friendly staff…they were smiling and eager to answer any questions we may have. I loved that I could see the food being prepared, the radishes being cut and the tacos being made…there is something so comforting about seeing the kitchen of a restaurant. The menu is pretty basic but that’s not to say that it’s not amazing. We ordered a fish taco and a grilled octopus taco for moi and the hubby had the shrimp ceviche.

IMG_0319IMG_0326P1060001P1060003And one of the best things for me was the MEXICAN COKE-COLA…now you may be wondering what is so special about that…well, lovebugs…it’s about as “organic” as Coke can be. The main ingredients are water, sugarcane sugar and caramel…you won’t find any high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors…and I think it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a bit pricey ($2.50 for the bottle) but hey…for taste as amazing as this, you’ll pay for it.IMG_0315There is no seating at this time, so we pulled some barstools together and create a makeshift table…no biggie, that’s the vibe here. Easy and chillaxed ;)IMG_0318IMG_0324Honestly, we had such a wonderful meal and personally I can not wait to go back! It’s a great find in the SoFi neighborhood and by the looks of things, they will do very well here…Good food travels fast ;)IMG_0328If you decide to come, don’t be afraid of the line…the staff does a great job getting the orders out.

See you around, Friends!


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