Thakoon & Nars combine for some fabulous limited edition colors!

Well…it’s official…summer is here (even if sometimes the weather doesn’t seem to cooperate) and what better way to welcome the hotter days than by giving your lovely hands some fun colors to flaunt…and let’s face it…nothing looks better during the summer months than fun colored nails. That’s why I love these limited edition nail polishes by Thakoon for Nars

The collaboration was inspired by Thakoon’s beautiful Spring 2012 collection. Let’s check out some pictures from that show:
Thakoon RTW S 2012 2Thakoon RTW S 2012 3Thakoon RTW S 2012 5
Thakoon RTW S 2012 6Thakoon RTW S 2012 7Thakoon RTW S 2012 8
Thakoon RTW S 2012 9Thakoon RTW S 2012 4Thakoon RTW S 2012 10
This collection felt kind of Western, a little bit Indian and exotically fun. There were beautiful blue hues, vibrant oranges and reds, sunshiny yellows and candy purples and pinks. Thakoon and Nars chose some of those same colors to make this limited edition collection. Let’s check them out:8b86bd77-cc4e-4084-887c-aace530690941ea04767-c5c7-4fdd-b4b2-df0fae4e0e683f2e27ed-3cb6-4cfb-809d-97cca38e49a2457c8199-f89a-4c14-a28b-04bfc81b94b6c348d82d-750b-47ce-a178-9776fa4faa0bceebf21f-589f-498c-b71e-6e56508a78eed3963468-b7ed-4c75-bd16-91a8932c0fda
So consider this collection like summertime in a bottle. And when the weather doesn’t work out as we hope, at least we know that with just two coats of any these colors and it’s instantly hotter, brighter and just plain better ;)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That yellow color is perfect for the summer! Can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle.

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