En route to Zermatt via Furka Pass

Hi friends,
Yesterday we left Zurich and began our trek to Zermatt for a couple days…we always come here and it’s one of my favorite places in Switzerland so I was very happy to be able to come visit this year again. I will definitely do a post about where to stay and dine in the next couple days…but for starters, I invite you to get in the car and drive up to Zermatt with us….and this time, we’re not taking the usual auto-train route through the mountain. Nope…this time my hubby decided that taking the Furka pass would be more scenic…and it was…except for those that suffer from motion sickness because this road is not for the faint of heart. It’s got more twists and turns than an episode of True Blood…but if you’d like to check it out…here.we.go…
FurkaPassBasically the whole ride is like the picture above…and let me tell you, not being used to those hills and curves (hello, Miami is as flat as can be) I was holding on to dear life. There is nothing between you and the depths of the mountain than a flimsy fence and your car door…so buckle in cause it’s going to be a crazy ride.
I will admit that there are some perks to taking this road. The scenery is gorgeous…here are some pictures I took throughout the journey:
IMG_1495IMG_1506IMG_1511IMG_1513IMG_1533IMG_1530IMG_1547And if you are thirsty and have forgotten to bring some water…not to worry because you can stop along the way and drink water straight from the glacier…and not just any glacier, the Rhone glacier…the water is deliciously fresh so drink up because no water from a plastic bottle will ever taste like this.IMG_1518IMG_1524IMG_1528After 3 1/2 hours, we arrived at the Tasch terminal where we would take a short train ride up to Zermatt. Zermatt doesn’t allow cars in the village to protect their views from smog (you can imagine how wonderful the air is up here)…so after we parked the car, we got our tickets to Zermatt and away we went.
IMG_1552IMG_1549IMG_1568IMG_1578We arrived to find our electric taxi waiting for us to take us to our favorite hotel in the world, The Firefly Hotel (I will definitely do a review about it soon)
IMG_1586IMG_1589IMG_1588We’re here for a couple days while the hubby plays a tennis tournament (click here for info) so I will definitely try to make good use of my time and share with your my thoughts about this picturesque mountain town.
Till next time…XOXO,


  1. Martha Dominguez says:

    Hi Lisa!!
    Thanks for reading :)
    Yes….the doggies definitely are world-travelers…can’t leave home without them ;)
    I am posting a Zermatt story soon…it’s a beautiful village and if you’re ever in Switzerland…it’s definitely a “must-do” ;)

  2. Lisa says:

    Love your travel posts I’m living vicariously through you! :) I think the best part is the fact that your fur babies go with you everywhere! :)

  3. Jenny Lauren says:

    Wow, those pictures are breathtaking. Makes Toronto seem pretty boring. Also reminds me of how badly I’m in need of a vacation!

    <3 Jennywww.crazystylelove.com

  4. AL Bjornstad says:

    Lovely photos! I have never been to Switzerland and what a wonderful way to present the country.

  5. Angela Staples Fashion Corner says:

    The picture with your dogs is adorable! They look so well behaved on the trip.

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