Lovely locks at Gustavo Briand Studio

Just to get this out of the way, I was asked by someone if I get anything for these reviews and the answer is absolutely not…I would never write about something that I don’t personally love, use, know of or recommend. If I would ever be approached to do something in exchange for services/goods, I would definitely disclose that to you and still only write about it if I genuinely liked it :)
So now, let’s get started and come on in to Gustavo Briand Studio for a little hair TLC…
Gustavo Briand Studio is located on Purdy Avenue in South Beach. It stares out to the gorgeous bay and if you head there right before sunset, you’ll see some of the most gorgeous views around. The salon itself is small, just four chairs…which is more than enough for me because I personally don’t like salons that feel like a convention center room. I like things to feel intimate and cozy.
I walked into this salon 5 years ago and I knew it was the place for me. I found this place by looking online for a new stylist…it was May of 2005 and just months before my wedding. My hair needed a serious therapy session to get it into the condition I had envisioned for my big day. I walked in frustrated with the condition of my hair and seriously contemplating taking a razor and pulling a Britney Spears…but Gustavo greeted me at the door that day and gently talked me off the hair ledge. He worked his magic on my hair and in the next couple of weeks to come, he was able to transform my hair to perfection…just in time for my big day! He is truly talented and the best part is…he love what he does. This makes his work that much more perfect.
He uses products from Sojourn and Davines…both of which are leaders in their field and work to protect and nourish hair. Gustavo also carries Motives makeup for those of you looking for some beautiful mineral colors.
I have tried a couple of the bronzers and they are wonderful. So light and natural looking.When I found this salon, I knew I had found a real gem…well, apparently I wasn’t the only one because the awards that Gustavo and his salon have received are totally major…like Allure magazine, Best of Miami, Best of Citysearch and the crème de la crème…the Louis Vuitton Travel Guide…they have all written about this salon, the talent that makes it special and the professionalism behind it all…so if you don’t believe my review, check out any of the others and then come back here so I can say “I told you so” ;)
Okay, so let’s see this hair genius in action, shall we? I hadn’t been in for a haircut in about six months…which is wayyyyyyyy to long for me to have gone without at least a trim, but I tend to procrastinate sometimes and that is how I arrived in the predicament I was in: my hair was long but dry and damaged from my endless blow-outs. I knew Gustavo was going to have to cut about 3 inches off my hair and I was so sad (I have severe separation anxiety when it comes to haircuts) but Gustavo reassured me me that cutting the damaged hair would actually allow my hair to grow in a better and healthier way….(sigh)
We had such a laugh when he took my “before” picture…the face I made was reflective of every other “before” picture I have ever seen…totally unattractive and kind of sad? Anyway…check out my progress
I love my new haircut even though I was so sad to see so much of my hair cut off…but I have to just remember…it will always grow back and it will be even healthier this next time around :) I don’t like to do any sort of color so Gustavo simply gave me a darker brown gloss that gives my hair a nice shine and doesn’t add any permanent color…so it’s a great solution for me. What I really love about Gustavo is that he listens to his clients and really works at explaining what exactly he will do to your hair…so you have no surprises when he’s done.
And lastly, Gustavo is not only an amazing stylist, but he is also a good person. When he’s not working on all us South Beach glamour gals…he’s volunteering his time to cut the hair of children and parents at the Ronald McDonald House. And anyone that does selfless acts of kindness is beyond okay in my book
So if you’re looking for a stylist in the Miami area, I whole-heartily recommend Gustavo Briand Studio…and now until October 31st, 2012, Gustavo is offering his Summer Special pricing…which means ALL services (excluding blow-outs) are 50% off…this is an amazing deal and I definitely think you should take advantage of it. It’s a great way to try this salon out…I promise, you won’t be disappointed.So…here’s wishing you all lovely locks for a long time to come…or at the very least, through the summer months!
See you around, Friends!


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    July 2, 2012 / 10:06 pm

    You look pretty! You always do!