Alexis Mabille Couture Collection F/W 2012-2013

I have to thank Vogue once again for bringing me such beauty in the morning. This time around, I am sharing with you the Alexis Mabille collection that blew me away. I loved the whole vibe and the energy behind each piece. While most of the collect felt very strong and constructed…there were some pieces that were the complete opposite…especially those in the soft pale colors. From heavy velvets to almost sheer silks…this collection demonstrated the designer’s ability to take any fabric and create fluid movements and elegant lines. In my opinion, the woman he had in mind when designing this collection  is definitely strong and confident. She can walk into any room and effortlessly command the attention of everyone. She is not afraid of her power and “damsel in distress” is not a role she’d ever play. She’s hardly classified as sweet, but always thought of as seductive. For me, that is the impression I got from this collection. The makeup was pale with very prominent red lips and the hair was slick, chic and high…which I thought was perfectly in tune with the show. Pure creativity.
Here I will leave you with some of my favorites looks from yesterday’s show.
Alexis Mabille 1Alexis Mabille 2Alexis Mabille 3Alexis Mabille 4Alexis Mabille 5Alexis Mabille 9Alexis Mabille 6Alexis Mabille 7Alexis Mabille 16Alexis Mabille 8Alexis Mabille 10Alexis Mabille 11Alexis Mabille 13Alexis Mabille 14Alexis Mabille 15Alexis MabilleI must admit that this was the first time I noticed this talented designer but I can assure you…it won’t be the last time I write about him. And honestly…I love that last picture of him as he took the stage…any man with that kind of sense of personal style is definitely okay in my book!XOXO,


  1. Anika Depaul says:

    This was my favorite collection so far. I also learned about him just this year but my friends in Paris all know him because of his accessory collection. It may be something you might like to research. I am not sure if he still has it or not.

  2. Fifi says:

    C’est collection est superb! J’aime tout le defile et aussi le style de Alexis. Il est magnifique!

  3. Martha Dominguez says:

    Hi Fifi…je suis desolee mais je n’ai ecrit pas bien en francais….alors je vais ecrire en Angliase ;)
    Sorry to have your comment post so late…I have had problems with my comments lately. But thank you for writing me and I agree…Alexis’ style is truly unique and definitely fabulous ;)

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