Ciao, Lugano!

One of the best things about Switzerland is the diversity in their cultures and languages…take for instance the city of Lugano, located in southern part of Switzerland…which is the Italian part of this tiny country.
Just a couple hours by train from Zurich and you are transported into an Italian Riviera…Swiss style of course ;)

There is something about the Italian part of Switzerland that just feels…well, so Italian. The energy changes, the language is pure Italian, the hand gestures are loud and the weather…well, like the people, it’s just a tad bit warmer.  I spent the day here with my brother who is visiting from Miami and we were soooo happy to be able to escape the less than stellar weather in Zurich for the sunny, palm tree lined city of Lugano.
And once we were there…we basked in the sun, rented a pedal boat, ate the most delicious gelato, watched people play chess on an oversized board and ended the day by walking up to the famous Lugano Cathedral.

So if you ever find yourself in Switzerland, I highly recommend visiting the Italian part and taking in the lifestyle and beauty of this part of the country. For me, Lugano is one of the prettiest cities in Switzerland and it’s definitely a city that will make you say “Bellisimo!”

Ciao, ciao for now!!



  1. Wetag says:

    Hi Martha,
    Just received your tweet so of course we had to check out your blog post. Great to read you liked Lugano. Of course that what we think too and also all our international clients. When traveling the world we always come to the conclusion that the tiny southern part of Switzerland is actually quite pretty and amazing. Cheers to the Swiss Mediterranean Lifestyle! Visit Ticino sometime again. Take care

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