Too much time on your hands leads to: Bangs!

IMG-20120703-00456So today was my makeup brush washing day (I know…how can I handle all that excitement…it’s very hard, trust me)…anyway, while I was soaking my brushes, I started playing with my hair….and I got to thinking about bangs.I have had bangs before but not in a long time…and frankly, I don’t remember if I liked them let alone love them…but still I wanted to see how I’d look. So I put my back hair into a high ponytail, flipped it forward and clipped it…voila! instant bangs…temporary yes but bangs no less.
And actually…I didn’t mind the look so much.
But I have to remember that since I’m in Switzerland for the summer…there is very little humidty to battle with my hair on a daily basis…back in Miami, my bangs/hair would never look this straight…so the real question is: should I or should I not?
Do you have bangs? If so…give me the low down on how long it takes you to do them and whether or not you love (and I mean LOVE) them!XOXO,

10 thoughts on “Too much time on your hands leads to: Bangs!

  1. Andrea Maria (dearmilano) says:

    hahaha I was really laughing because I used to have bangs, and the real reason why was because to much nothing-to-do time leads you to do something random and crazy to your hair!!!! I really like how it looks on you, and you should totally take advantage of spending the time in Switzerland cuz it´ll be a huge deal when you come back to Miami with the type of weather… I loved your cartier bracelet!! Im dying for oneeee!!! kiss kiss hun!!


  2. Hi Andrea :)
    Yes….it would be a little bit of a nightmare to have the bangs in Miami….so that may be a good reason to just play with the look but keep my long hair ;)
    The bracelet was a wedding gift from my husband…it’s one of two bracelets I wear everyday ;)
    And we must have very nice taste if we’re both liking the same jewelry and shirts ;)
    Great minds think alike.

  3. Yasmine Hamoud says:

    Je trouve que ça te va super bien :) I’ve allways wanted to have bangs….never had the guts to actually go for it hahaha.
    How is switzerland treating you and Ivo so far?

  4. Hi Yasmine!
    Well…you can always do this trick to see if you’d like your hair with bangs ;)
    Switzerland is wonderful…the time is going by so fast.
    Today though…I wish I was in the States. It’s the Fourth of July and with many celebrations and food…missing that.

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