Top of the world in Pilatus!

My brother and I did a day trip to Luzern and we just had to experience the views of Pilatus. This place has such a magical feeling to it and the story behind it is quite interesting.
According to one legend, Pontius Pilates’ tormented soul haunted the lake and because of this…going up to the top of the mountain was prohibited for many years.
Another legend is that during the medieval times a dragon was said to live on the mountain itself…so as I said, this area has a very magical and almost mysterious appeal.
Here are some pictures of our day on the beautiful Pilatus Mountain…we started with a boat cruise around the Lake of Luzern then took a train to the top (actually, we took the steepest cog railway). Once on top we hiked around, sat in some sun chairs and enjoyed the breathtaking views. It was probably the best trip we did during his visit to Switzerland.


And that my friends….is the view we came to see….magical, right?Till next time…



  1. ylenia says:

    Hey Martha nice photos here, I’m so jealous of this trip experience!!
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