Take a walk on The High Line

There are a lot of things to see in New York City…this is obvious just by looking around at any given location…but one thing that I will tell you is a “must see” is the beautiful High Line walkway on the lower west side of the city. Finished in 2009, this former railroad track has been transformed into one of the most beautiful “parks” in the city. The hubby and I planed our morning to walk the High Line from one end to the another and these are just some of the amazing views I was able to see.
First off, depending on where you are…the subway a super easy way to get anywhere (including the High Line)…so although I may be a Princess, I am not a snob…and I’m smart. Save that taxi fare for more important items like shoes and jump on the train…it’s fast, easy and totally safe.
So let’s get started on this little adventure…


We took the train down to 34th street and started our walk on the High Line on 33rd Street (cross street is 10th Avenue). We walked it all the way south to Gansevoort Street…so you essentially walk all through the West Village and end up in the hip neighborhood of the Meatpacking District if you take this route.


One of the things that I love the most about the views you see while walking the High Line is the wonderful mesh of new architecture and original New York buildings…I love when things aren’t all squeaky clean. I think a little bit of grit is good for any city. It was great to see that a bit of the old “feel” of this area had survived the modernization.


New Yorkers really enjoy this space…and it’s easy to understand why. In a city of hustle and bustle, the High Line provides an oasis of sorts…people come here and enjoy their lunch breaks, take a quick nap in the sun or just relax away from the daily routine of life. And hey…I decided taking a quick cat nap might be just the way to recharge ;)


We finished the day with a fabulous late lunch at one of my favorite places in the city, Pastis, and then continued to walk around the neighborhood…which also affords you some incredible views on new and old architecture in New York. Here are just two of many buildings that caught my camera’s eye while we were walking around.


I hope you enjoyed this walk around this beautiful part of New York. I really loved sharing it with you all. By the way, I am wearing Pull & Bear skater dress, Vince Camuto Ellen flats and my YSL Muse bag.

Till next time…


  1. Kelli Kuu says:

    Thank you for the wonderful walk through NYC, I have only been to the city one time and only for an afternoon which is about the same as never being there.

  2. Jenny says:

    WOW, simply stunning photos! I’ve been to NYC about 6 times and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the High Line! It’s definitely on my list for my next trip. LOVE that shoes poster. . .too funny (and accurate)!

    • Princess Martha says:

      You definitely have to check it out!!!
      It’s such a fabulous oasis in the city…and yes, I HAD to take a picture of the poster…because you’re right…it’s totes accurate ;)

  3. ellinelle says:

    ..amazing photo post Darling , you look fabulous , I love your cute and girly summer dress , such a beautiful shade of green and I love that you mixed it with pair of flats ..FABULOUS !I always have heels in my bag if I wear flats and if I have heels on I will definitely have pair of flats with me , always the safe option :)

    • Princess Martha says:

      Definitely!! And in NY, walking around a place like the High Line in heels just doesn’t make any sense…so flats it was ;)
      I always carry flats with me when I have heels too…I love Tieks specifically for this purpose.

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