Technology and I are not friends

So…Google and Blogger are having issues with some blogs and their custom domain names…yay, I am one of those!!!
Needless to say, I have been on the phone, been emailing, tweeting, forum-ing, screaming at my hubby (poor guy) and shouting even at the computer (it’s always to blame)….and not one of those things have done anything except make me even angrier….so now I have tossed in the towel and said “it is what it is”…and with that, I am keeping my finger (and toes) crossed that things will work out soon (they will, right????).
Until then…there is nothing a good cocktail can’t fix and I thank you all for being patient and hanging in there while all these issues get worked out.


  1. Ria says:

    Hahaha, you are so funny. Blog issues suck and I’m so happy to see your domain working again. We gotta work out your sidebar babe. Let’s make a date.

    • Princess Martha says:

      Lol!! It was/is a traumatic experience but I’m slowly getting things in order. It feels a bit like moving homes…you need to clean out tags, labels and categories you forgot you had ;)
      But you’re right…it’s a good feeling to be here…sort of moved in ;)

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