Musical Monday: Leighton Meester

Okay, so I may have jumped the gun a bit when I posted the Peter, Bjorn and John song a couple of weeks back (see it here) since this week it would have been perfect because tonight is the big premier of Gossip Girl’s final series…and as you may have gathered…I’m kind of a big fan. Besides the inevitable drama…the show is packed with ridiculous fashion and great music. And in regards to music, Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf) has been working to make a name for herself in the music scene for a while. I thought this week’s slot had to go to her. So enjoy Miss Blair in her sexiest outfits to date singing about finding someone to love (hello…where is Chuck when you need him?).



  1. chris ed says:

    Ahhh I love that you´ve posted about that! I ´m a big Gossip Girl and Blair fan! And I had a time where I heard this song for days:)
    Really lovely monday song!

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