Musical Monday: Zero Assoluto

As some of you may know…I missed last week’s Musical Monday’s post because I was so behind from being sick. And on that note, being sick is the worse, you get so behind on work and life but I will admit that there is a silver lining…I know, I know…being sick has an upside? Yes…you are able to sit around and watch deliciously romantic/funny/girly movies and not feel guilty for spending the day in bed. And I did that happily. One of the movies I watched was the charming “Letters to Juliet”…and if you’ve seen it, I am sure you’ll appreciate this week’s pick. This is a song from the soundtrack and it’s fun, peppy and utterly Italiano! And sometimes those three things are just what the doctor ordered ;)



  1. chris ed
    October 22, 2012 / 5:42 am

    I can totally understand you, I’m sick right now. I love the movie and the song is super fun and makes me smile! Lovely choice!
    happy monday:)