What I wore to Art Basel’s Vernissage

Vernissage is a French word used to describe the preview of an upcoming installation/show…and that is exactly what Wednesday night’s event is. It’s an invitation only event that allows some of us a sneak peak into what is arguably the best show on the block…Art Basel at the Convention Center. I would have loved to take pictures of some of the priceless works of art, but cameras during the vernissage are a big no-no and I didn’t think it would be chic to be thrown out for breaking the rules ;) I did however put my camera (and hubby) to good use and snapped some pictures of what I wore before heading inside.

I wore:
Cheryl Herger original design dress purchased at Frankie’s Miami Beach
BCBG envelope clutch in black laser cut design with gold background
Miu Miu nude pumps
Mia jewels multi-bangle bracelet
Target earrings


And although the following picture is not about the Basel show…I thought these beautifully lit palm trees were definitely a work of art. Kudos to the city of Miami Beach for decorating our City Hall so fabulously!
Thursday will be another fashionably art filled day. I have an event with Harper’s Bazaar followed by a soiree at the Christian Louboutin store, then heading to the Marni store for the unveiling of their new furniture collection and finished off with dinner at the Versace mansion…so yes, I need to go to bed now and definitely catch up on my beauty sleep. Till tomorrow, friends!


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11 Responses to What I wore to Art Basel’s Vernissage

  1. Oh my Martha…..you & the hubby are the picture of hotness here!!!!

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  2. Loulou says:

    Hi Martha. This whole event sounds amazing and you look beautiful. And you’re pregnant! How exciting. Congratulations.
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  3. ani says:

    Oh my gosh Martha, you are such beautiful preggo :-). that is so exciting. you look just so gorgeous and that dress and sounds like a great event. congrats, do you know t he gender yet?


  4. Jenny says:

    That sounds like such a beautiful show to see. Wow, you look fabulous…most certainly the most stylish pregnant woman I’ve seen. You and your husband make such a beautiful couple!

    xo Jenny
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  5. You are seriously one of the most gorgeous pregnant women I’ve ever seen!!! You look AMAZING. I hope to see you this weekend!!! xo

  6. How cute are you with your bump? And I’m with you…Mia Jewels is the BEST. XO

  7. Lisa says:

    Wow you are busy!! You look amazing and I LOVE the pic of the lit palm treres!
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  8. holly says:

    your lil tum tum is so cute in that dress!

    Holly Foxen Wells
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  9. Gata says:

    You look stunning! Please post some more Christmas-style Miami :)
    BTW could you please share how do you wear this kind of shoes without losing them? All my stilettos are falling off my feet whenever I try to walk in them…
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  10. Emelie says:

    You look simply amazing !!!