I know, I know…I’m totally late to this rage, jumping on the bandwagon after it’s already left, missing the boat by a mile but alas, I have finally truly immersed myself in the world of Instagram. I had a Blackberry (don’t judge) until recently and Instagram doesn’t work with it…so after much deliberation and mediation (I kid), I left the Blackberry world and joined the Android peeps. And with that leap of technology, I could truly get into the whole Insta-mania scene. So, just in case you’re on Instagram (I mean, who isn’t?), you can follow me here and see random pictures of Miami, myself in the mirror, my doggies and my shoes…yeah, it’s that fun to follow me ;)
Frankie InstaBruno InstaInsta shoesLouboutin inviteSouth Pointe Park
Hope to see you on Instagram, friends!!



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