FakeBake is 100% really fabulous

We all know that being in the sun is “no bueno”, but when you’re pregnant, that “no bueno” turns into “no way, Jose!!” So, my once glowing Miami tan had been neglected for the last 7 months…that is, until the fab team from FakeBake reached out and invited me to try their spray tan products. Obviously I eagerly accepted the opportunity to spend the afternoon in the luxe penthouse of the Soho Beach House and get my preggo glow just a little more Miami chic ;) This is me, after a fun (and totally preggo safe) spray tan session.

The process is simple, a trained technician sprays you down and at the same time dries you off…genius, I know. I was sprayed down and able to immediately get dressed afterwards. No funny smells or streaks. Just a healthy glowing tan…and without the harmful effects of the sun.
Miami’s fashionable peeps waiting for their turn in their spray booth.
Not only did I leave with a golden glow, I received a great swag bag that was filled with all the things I need to keep my tan going strong for days to come.
Interested in getting your spray tan on? Check out their link for a salon near you…and lastly, I love that their products are NOT tested on animals…major brownie points in my book. Click here for more information about FakeBake.


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4 Responses to FakeBake is 100% really fabulous

  1. Diana Marks says:

    You look lovely with spray tan, dear!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
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  2. Ellinelle says:

    I know spray tans are healthier then real sun but I tried few times and no , not for me , I had dry patches in the face and I think that’s what put me off , but if its good for you then it’s a perfect choice ..
    Looking stunning and glowing !
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  3. from head to toe, you GLOW. you look so beautiful love! the tan of course is too pretty! xO!
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  4. OMG…did you get even TANNER by the night time????
    Maria Tettamanti is a fabulous blogger too! Check this out By: MarthaMy Profile