Pregnancy Fit at 35 Weeks

Hi Guys!
I’m back with my latest installment of Pregnancy Fit. This week I wanted to talk about keeping with a plan and really pushing yourself to stay healthy and fit. I hope it didn’t come across pushy…let me know and I’ll gladly give myself the side-eye ;)
As for the workout to do at home, this is an easy and fabulous stretch. It feels amazing to open up your shoulders…especially because we all tend to lean in (due to computer work, cell phones, etc.). Great way to counteract that.


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2 Responses to Pregnancy Fit at 35 Weeks

  1. Diana Marks says:

    thanks for sharing these useful tips with us!

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  2. You couldn’t be pushy if you tried. I’m so happy to see you werking it at 35 weeks. YOU GO GIRL!
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