Call me, maybe! Actually…call Van Michael Salon!

I know, I know…I’ve been totally and literally MIA (missing in action)…even after the last post where I mentioned that I would be back into the routine of things. Tisk, tisk.
I’ve scolded myself so you don’t have to…but for the record, I would like to say that I am coming back to full-time blogging soon…real soon. And to make up for my absence, I want to share with you all a fab little perk especially for my Miami guys and gals.
Van Michael Salon in South Beach is celebrating their 12 year anniversary and to thank the rocking city of Miami for all their years of loyalty, they’ve got a sweet deal going on now which involves some major FREE stuff.
Yeah, they have an anniversary and we get to reap the benefits. Winning!salon_pic2_large[1]
For the first 12 days of July, the first 12 people to call the salon each day and wish them a happy anniversary will receive a complimentary cut and color and experience Aveda rituals and world class service with their newest talents, Sean, Roxie and Bethany.
That’s all it takes, friends. Just call them up, show them some love for their anniversary and get yourself a new look. So don’t just stand there…pick up the phone and give them a call ;)
Happy dialing, friends!


PS…Here’s their number: 305-534-6789

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  1. It’s always great to hear from you Princess…..take care of little Mia while I check out this lovely news!

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