The highs and lows of fashion

Personal fashion pet peeve of mine: women that spend their money on labels and run around proclaiming themselves to be fashion lovers or worse, “fashionistas”. Ugh. I mean, when did the ability to purchase fancy clothes equate to the ability of being stylish? In my opinion, a true fashion lover is someone that can pull together an outfit that resonates their true sense of style on any budget. Mixing labels from every end of the spectrum is my favorite thing to see and coincidentally, it’s something that I truly enjoy doing. 


3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Peplum sparkle top:
I actually strolled into my local Target days after the big debut and was surprised to find my store had the whole collection fully stocked. I purchased this top and I’m very happy with the quality of it especially the embellishments.
Ann Taylor Stretch Cotton Ankle Pants
Underground Chic Ginny in Nautical Blue (c/o)
Okay, ladies…if you know me, you know that I’d probably sell my left kidney for a Birkin. That’s not an exaggeration. I’ve been coveting the timeless bag for over 10 years…so it’s almost an obsession by now. Well, this Underground Chic bag is the next best thing. Not only do I get the look of the Birkin but I get to pat myself on the back for being “green” because this bag is not only fashionable but very eco-chic. All their bags are made from 100% recycled RPET. The look is created by photo printing the image directly onto the plastic. Pretty cool, huh? If you love the idea of supporting the environment, being fashionably conscious and a good deal (I mean, who doesn’t?) then head over to their site and shop. Use the coupon code PrincessMartha for 20% off. Yeah, amazing ;)
Valentino Couture Patent Bow Pumps


What are some of your fashion pet peeves?


PS…shout out to Ria Michelle for being her usual kick-ass self and putting me in touch with the team from Underground Chic. Check out her blog, she’s all sorts of amazing.


  1. Bouchra says:

    Hi sweetie! You look gorgeous and that bag is waaaaw :D Then, ur right! We’re both “bags girls” haha I would love that u follow me back on fb if possible sweetie…
    Have a fabulous week!!!
    Kisses from Morocco

  2. Caitlin C says:

    Amen, sista!!! LOVE this post, you’re so right. Spending a lot of money on clothes doesn’t make you a fashionista. You look absolutely gorgeous in this post and I could not be more in love with this outfit!
    Caitlin C just blogged Fall EssentialsMy Profile

  3. Lisa says:

    I totally agree with you!! I think someone that knows how to make high and low work is a true fashionista. Too much high end can just look tacky! My favorite fashionista’s that mix high and low would be Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton. Two stylish ladies that mixes high street and designers.

    Love this look, super chic! I have to admit when I saw this post in my Facebook feed I totally thought that was a Birkin! Going to have to go check out that site… Oh and I am totally jealous of those fab shoes! ;)

    My fashion pet peeve is camoflauge! I don’t know why but I just can’t stand seeing it in fashion!
    Lisa just blogged Wedge ObsessionMy Profile

  4. Marija says:

    I couldn’t agree more! A girl with style can mix and match everything from any label and make it look amazing. Love your outfit… I NEED those shoes! :)

    Marija just blogged IN BULKMy Profile

  5. Cluny Grey says:

    Style, not money, should be what rules! How true! Some of my best outfits that looked fantastic were when I was young in the ’70s in grad school and had no money to spend on clothes. Poverty made us daring; I bought a pair of black palazzo pants on sale at a K-mart for 10.00 and wore them to the opera and then afterward to a dinner with Beverly Sills as the guest of honor. I felt and looked soooooo good!

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