Pencil Pusher

Fact: I should have named this blog “Balcony Girl” because I shoot so many of my posts there but in my defense, it’s hot out there. Like seriously can’t handle the heat sort of hot. I love Miami but good Lord, give us a little bit less humidity, please…I’m too high-maintenance to handle all this sweating ;)

Anyway, I digress. Back to the fashion aspect. I love pencil skirts, I’ve got a serious obsession with them. They are sophisticated, sexy, slightly retro and always chic. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt and stilettos. That will always be “in”. It’s such a perfect combination that it makes wearing a t-shirt feel glamorous.


I’m wearing:
“Famous” Mackenna Top (c/o Blush Boutique)
Theory Golda II pencil skirt
Merona blue crossbody bag from Target (similar color and styles here)
Swarovski acrylic bangle, fall 2013 collection available next month (c/o Swarovski)
Steve Madden Realove heels in patent (here in leather)

I didn’t list it above but in case you want to know, I’m wearing Chanel’s Rouge Allure in “Passion”.
I promise to venture out into the heat and do some location shoots in the next coming weeks…I’ll do it, just for you ;)


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Miami Beach fashion blogger, Martha Dominguez, shares her insight on fashion, art, music, travel and lifestyle.
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22 Responses to Pencil Pusher

  1. Lisa says:

    You look gorgeous!! I agree pencil skirts always look good especially with a good shoe! I absolutely love how you paired yours with a t-shirt it looks perfect!
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  2. You are back in great form Martha…..rocking that look! I’m also a huge fan of pencil skirts..for its timelessness & the way it hugs the body!

    Red Tag Chic Los Angeles is a fabulous blogger too! Check this out Flowers and StripesMy Profile

  3. YES pencil skirts, have always been one of my favorites!
    I love the trendy twist you gave it with that fun trendy shirt!
    Red lips and a statement bag and you are just perfect!
    I love the red lipcolor!
    thanks for sharing the color.

    You are looking spectacular Martha;))))

    xoxo kisses Tamara Chloé
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  4. Rachelle says:

    This pencil skirt is perfection, you look sharp, sexy and love the red lips.
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  5. Janice Lunes says:

    I really think this look is perfect for work!

    I also like pencil skirts but because I don’t really wear heels I can’t really combine them properly because I’m more of a sneaker girl a long with wide shirts and stuff!

    Got a new post up and can’t wait to see your opinion!

    Happy Week!



    Getting my dress on yo!

  6. Loulou says:

    I too love a good pencil skirt and have just realized I don’t wear mone nearly often enough! You look fantastic in yours.

    Funny / interesting point about heat … Today we are scheduled to have the hottest day we’ve had all year, and we had a hot summer. There is some freak weather system going on causing this. And then next week it’s dropping right down to being cold enough to need a jacket!

    Loulou is a fabulous blogger too! Check this out A Day Trip to a Place That Was Once Nearly HomeMy Profile

  7. Gata says:

    This look is perfect :) And it is just what I needed – an idea how to mix my favorite skirt and red lipstick and not look like an elderly lady ;) Thanks!
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  8. I totaly understand you, we have the same weather in Athens today!
    Lovely look, great view :)
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  9. Martha! You pre-baby body is ba-ack. You are killing it, mama.
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  10. love the minimalistic look on u martha! and btw u look so amazing are u sure you’re a mama??! xO!

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  11. You look so gorgeous in this pencil skirt!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Marija says:

    Haha! Balcony Girl! Love the outfit. The blue clutch really finishes it off. :)

  13. Jenny says:

    I love this look! I’m a huge fan of pencil skirts and this one is super flattering on you. And the pop of blue in the clutch is perfect. So excited to find another blogger from a tropical place!

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    <3 Jenn

  14. Dana says:

    Such a great look :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  15. Hi Martha, oh my, look at you…so svelte and stylish :) I love the outfit, it looks fresh and original, and I’m just a little bit jealous of the view too! xoxo

  16. Tijana says:

    You are so pretty, I like your skirt :)
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  17. Caitlin C says:

    LOVE the pencil skirt and that cute tee!!
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  18. Rachel says:

    LOVE this and I totally agree on pencil skirts!!!!!!
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  19. You look so beautiful! Absolutely adore the skirt and heels x
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  20. Nieszka says:

    you look stunning! wow!! i love the look of pencil skirts too. so timeless and chic. a bit tricky to get used to walking at first. at least it was for me. im a fast walker, but with skirts like this, i have to take smaller steps hehe.

    Sparkle & Chic

  21. PERFECT post:) Thanks SO much for your sweet words last week about my fathers death.

    Im now back from a WONDERFUL vacation in France, we lived outside Antibes city, with a looong beach nearby the hotel. If you havent been there I must recomend you to do so:) you can see pics from our fab. trip on Monday.

    Have a lovely week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor :)
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