The 411 on DIY

The fact will always remain that I am not a “crafty” girl. I know of other bloggers (here’s looking at you Kara and Ginger) that can recreate a high-fashion article of clothing or sew an entire Halloween ensemble on a weekend. I just don’t have “it”. I can make awesome playlists, organize drawers like nobody’s business and Google anything faster than you can say “Google it”…yeah, totally redeeming qualities, right? Anyway, when Klout offered to send me a free DIY kit from the newest sensation Darby Smart, I knew I had to make it my mission to prove myself wrong. I would become a DIY girl. Here’s where it all begins…

The box is shipped to you with everything you need to begin your project. Mine came with a cobalt blue clutch, gold studs and fabric glue.
Next up, I logged into their site and followed their super easy step by step instructions on how to “stud” my clutch. Truth be told, I was surprised on just how easy it was. Their site had a different design in mind for this clutch but what would a DIY project be without a little personal touch? So I decided to create my own design and opted for a bowtie. Thought it would soften the look of the “leather” and metal studs.
Hint: use tweezers… they’re a total game saver.
Voila!! Here is my “bowtie” gold studded clutch. Sure it may be a little off centered and the lines may not be super duper straight but I did it!! And it’s actually something I’d use!! I loved the Darby Smart kit and I would definitely recommend it. I think it’s a super easy (and fun) way to be creative and show off your hidden talents. I’m ready for my next project!!



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