“Gilt” free shopping!

Warehouse Sale 2
It’s true…I’m guilty of having shopper’s remorse. It usually happens when I splurge on something only to find out that I could have gotten it at a better price somewhere else. Well, I don’t want that to happen to you. I’m nice and thoughtful like that ;)
To help you, allow me to introduce to you the Gilt City Miami Warehouse Sale…it’s like redemption for every shopper’s remorse you’ve ever felt. You will be shopping the best of designers at the lowest of prices. It’s crazy, it’s exhilarating and it’s this weekend. Tickets run around $10.00 for admission (click here) and trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Warehouse Sale 3Warehouse Sale 5
Insider secrets and tips on how to survie the Gilt City Warehouse Sale:
* Wear shoes you can easily slip off. I prefer ballet flats.
* Wear a thin top that will allow you to try sweaters/shirts without having to find a dressing room. I like using a silky tank top.
* Wear leggings that will allow you to try on skirts/dresses right there on the spot.
* Bring a bottle of water…hydration is key.
Warehouse Sale 6Warehouse Sale 7Think of a designer, any designer….it’s there. Yep, really. And at ridiculously low prices.
No more buyer’s remorse for you…

You can thank me later ;)


All images courtesy of Gilt City Miami


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