9 Months on, 9 Months off

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I gained 45 pounds while I was pregnant and I made a pact with myself that I would not stress out too much about losing it. I would just work out, eat healthy and try to give it time. All my good friends would tell me how fab I looked (even though I knew I still had a long way to go) and remind me that it took 9 months to put on the weight, so I should give my body 9 months to take it off. That sounded like an eternity a couple months back, but such is life with a new baby that the days turn into weeks and into months faster than you can change a diaper.
Blink and 9 months is almost here and voila, my friends were right. I can comfortably fit into my old clothes…like, I’m not even gasping for air while wearing this dress. Major improvement! I wore this dress to last night’s Etro fashion show at the beautiful Perez Art Museum of Miami. And even though this dress is an oldie (but a goodie), the cobalt blue was right on trend. See, investing in good pieces is always the way to go.002

Classic Jackie O Dress in cobalt blue by Black Halo
This is one of my favorite labels…I adore their chic lines, classic tailoring and sophisticated take on a modern woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t know Black Halo, check them out…they are fab!
Strappy gray patent heels by Rupert Sanderson
Resin denim bangle c/o Swarovski

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Moral of the post…give yourself time after your pregnancy to get back into your clothes. Don’t stress about it, it will happen. And…invest money in simple but chic pieces, they’ll last you much longer than that “must have” trend of the moment bag you’ve been eyeing ;)


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12 Responses to 9 Months on, 9 Months off

  1. Martha you look gorgeous! great job losing those pounds… anyways you still looked fab after having the baby …
    By the way I was wearing cobalt blue last night too.
    Hope to see you around soon.
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  2. Rachelle says:

    It’s awesome that you’re reach your pre pregnancy weight, you look gorgeous in that dress. Cobalt blue is a great color for you.
    Rachelle is a fabulous blogger too! Check this out Valentine’s Day Gift Guide :: Under $50 & $100My Profile

  3. June says:

    Its totally gone for sure! You look stunning Martha!

  4. Tijana says:

    great dress Martha :) You look amazing :)
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  5. Loulou says:

    You look gorgeous Martha! The dress is such a great colour on you.
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  6. You look absolutely stylish dear!

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  7. Love your attitude and being so sensible about getting back into shape. You look fantastic! x
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  8. Ria says:

    Martha you are working this dress! You look absolutely fabulous. You did it!

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  9. congrats and you look AMAZING. ALWAYS AMAZING martha! xoxoxoxoxoxo
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  10. Charnele says:

    You look fabulous Martha! You’re right, you can always count on classic pieces
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  11. Wow you are really back in shape Martha & nobody would know that you just borne a pretty baby girl …..that dress is awesome!!!

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  12. Lisa says:

    I’m in love with those heels!!
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