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(This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Evenflo & Latina Bloggers Connect. I received this car seat plus compensation for this post/review. All opinions are genuinely my own.)
I wanted to do a follow up on the car seat review because I had some great emails come in from it. Just for reference, this is the Evenflo Platinum Series LX carseat…here’s a direct link for all the specs and here to purchase.

Two people wanted to see the car seat in action and why not, right? I mean, it’s a car seat…let’s see it go. I videotaped little Mia while we were running errands and hubby could play driver for us. I think this video is great because it show her height and ability to look out the window (big plus) and how she is positioned in the seat. I like that she’s leaned back because when she falls asleep, I prefer her to be reclined to keep her head from bopping around too much.

The fabric for the Evenflo Symphony LX that I talked about in the first review is a MAJOR thing. We live in the tropics for crying out loud. It’s hot here and that’s an understatement. The Outlast Performace fabric really does what it states. It keeps the baby more comfortable in hot or cold conditions. I love that Mia can stay cool as a cucumber while cruising around South Beach. It’s not to say that she doesn’t still get warm but I can honestly tell a difference in her temperature when I take her out of this seat.

Another comment that was made about the car seat was regarding Mia’s direction. I know that there are A LOT of important reasons why a child should stay rear facing till 2 years (maybe more) but just for the record, Mia is 25lbs so she is absolutely able to sit forward facing and we took that decision after a lot of thought.

Mia was very fussy while rear facing…I don’t know if she didn’t like not seeing me/us or if she was uncomfortable but the moment we changed the direction she was viewing, all was better. Of course I know the benefits of a rear facing child and it is something I still think about. It’s not ruled out for us…

Overall this car seat has been a real joy. I feel like she’s very safe in the seat…it’s got great padding all around the head area and to be honest, a major factor for me is that she is genuinely happy in it. She loves to see out the window, she loves to play with the cup holders and she sleeps very soundly when in it. For me, a happy, safe baby is all I could ask for.

Thanks Evenflo for the chance to get to know this car seat better…we love it!




  1. April 20, 2014 / 2:05 am

    Where can I get this car seat then?
    Dan Brusca just blogged AbombMy Profile

  2. April 21, 2014 / 4:17 pm

    Yes! Most kiddos are so much happier once they are facing forward:)
    Maria Tettamanti just blogged Covered UpMy Profile

  3. May 1, 2014 / 10:47 am

    I want to buy that car seat for my baby sister.
    Max Arthur just blogged myTonic.netMy Profile