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There’s a saying that bigger is better…and I agree that sometimes it’s true BUT when it comes to getting pampered, I prefer to be in an intimate, boutique type of setting and perhaps that I what I love most about Epitome Spa in Coral Gables. I first met the lovely Soumia, owner of Epitome Spa, when I was looking for a way to get my body back into pre-baby shape. I had heard of a technique called “endermologie” and was intrigued at the process. Soumia met with me and explained it in detail. After that initial consultation,  I couldn’t way to try it out and honestly, I’m so grateful I did. I underwent 10 sessions and I can tell you that I genuinely SAW a difference in the shape of my thighs and butt. It’s non-evasive, totally natural (no injections, chemicals or pills) and pretty much pain free. Best part, Soumia is officially trained by LPG (the company that founded endermologie) and she just happens to be one of 2 spas in the Miami area with the latest (and greatest) endermologie machine. Having spent so much time at the spa, I got to really enjoy (and learn) about other extensive and tried & true methods of beauty. Check out my thoughts on what else Epitome Spa offers…

I was lucky enough to be able to try a microdermabrasion facial with the extremely talented and lovely Laetitia. I have not had a facial like that…ever!! My skin after pregnancy has struggled to regain its natural glow and since I’m still breastfeeding, I feel that it looks very dry (which can happen) but the day after Laetitia’s facial, my skin was glowing and looking beautiful. I left the house without makeup and felt really healthy and pretty. I already purchased a package because doing the microdermabrasion facial is definitely something I want to keep up. It’s so important for your skin to have that exfoliation every so often…especially here where we have high humidity and things tend to stick to our sweaty faces. Laetitia is a true professional and you can tell that her technique and knowledge about skin is of the highest level. She’s a Parisian trained esthetician and believe me, it shows in her work. I can not express to you just how amazing of a job she did. If you’re looking for to revive your skin…CALL LAETITIA!! And thank me later ;)
Little known fact, I have claustrophia so the thought of sitting in a cocoon with hot stones under infrared lights for 30+ minutes is a little bit like my version of hell. Counter that with the thought of burning 600 calories in 30 minutes and hell is looking a little bit more heavenly. So, I fought my fears and laid in the ultra modern Vivo Wellness Infared Jade sauna for the sake of my waistline and to hopefully conquer my fear of confined spaces.
To tell you the truth, it wasn’t that bad. I was able to relax, close my eyes…even take a little cat nap (much needed for this busy mommy). And of course I was loving every minute knowing I was burning calories (without having to fight anyone at the gym for a treadmill). The “cocoon” also has other benefits too which include detoxifying your body, reducing fatigue and stress and stimulating your immune system…so you see, this is not just something vain (not totally at least), this is literally good for your health.
Next time you have 30 minutes to burn (pun inteded)…you know where to go ;)

Not only is the spa equipped with the most modern and efficient technology in the world of beauty but it’s also home to a great collection of bags from Let & Her, chic bracelets from Hipanema and some fabulous products like Alaskan Glacial Mud (BEST MUD EVER!!).

It’s an inviting space…small and cozy, clean and modern…it’s the kind of place that you truly enjoy visiting and you can leave your worries at the door.
I know that when I go there, I’m immediately relaxed. I know I’m going to do something great for myself and I know that I’m going to get the highest level of professionalism while I’m there. And since we’re all busy and crazed in our hectic lives, it’s nice to know that there’s a business that appreciates and respects your time as much as you do.

Epitome Spa is truly a gem of a place and although it’s small, it’s mighty in quality, service and technology. Want to try it out or want to truly pamper the mama in your life this Mother’s Day?? Well, you’re in luck because from now until Mother’s Day (May 11th, 2014), all services purchased will be 20% off…so stock up for you, your mama and your mama’s mama…cause everyone deserves a little Epitome time ;)

This place truly has the royal stamp of approval from Princess Martha!



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