Denim and Lace

I’m wearing jeans…again. The obsession with this versatile item in my closet is real. I thought that once the summer heat would come around my jeans would be safely tucked away in a drawer but nope…they’re still here. On a good note, the heat hasn’t been that unbearable so thankfully I’m not melting when I do wear jeans. I’m always on the hunt for a good fit and classic styling so I was super happy to find that Benetton makes jeans that are beyond affordable and have a fabulous cut…they actually give me a nice perky booty. And you know that is always a good thing! As for my top, I love mixing soft/hard fabrics. Leathers and silks, tweed and cotton and denim and lace. This top is sheer with lace details and it was perfect for an early dinner with the hubby at Prime Fish.


Shirt: Sheer top with lace inserts c/o Benetton
Jeans: “Pin-Up” LIFT denim jeans c/o Benetton
Shoes: Gold strappy heels by Christian Louboutin
(check out Mr. Louboutin’s latest gold strappy heel here)


I know that soon enough I won’t be able to wear my beloved denims…Miami’s temperatures may have been tolerable lately but the humidity is lurking right around the corner and soon you’ll only be seeing me in dresses and skirts ;) Are you guys sad to give up your jeans for the summer?




  1. June 18, 2014 / 9:55 am

    I always love the lace and denim combo, and yes it is getting warmer here sigh… You look gorgeous as always.
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