Into The Blue

I did a post in a bikini…I still can’t believe I’m publishing these pics. My body definitely still has room for improvement BUT I absolutely loved this bikini and I just simply had to share it. First off, the cover up is the perfect fun print that will take you from beach to sunset cocktails. It’s very sexy, light and gives you such great movement when you walk. The team from Lisa Blue contacted me about doing a review and it didn’t take much convincing once I saw the suits.
They’re perfect for Miami. The prints, colors and of course, cut are everything a South Beach girl looks for in a bikini…leave it to the Australians to know just what we like.
There’s no doubt about it, swimsuit season is officially here (just check the temperatures around the country) so if you’re searching around and trying to find something fun, new and different…check out my thoughts on Lisa Blue.

Bikini: African Queen c/o Lisa Blue Swimwear
Caftan: African Queen print c/o Lisa Blue Swimwear

Personally, I love that the top is not padded. I have bigger size breasts (thanks to still nursing Mia) and I didn’t want to add any more padding to my chest area plus I love that the bikini is a side tie.
I find that those bottoms are more flattering on me because I can adjust just how tight they’ll be and can control the “overfill” (thus eliminating muffin top).
The material feels very luxe and I LOVE the details like the whale tail, the gold details on the ties and the criss cross on the caftan. It’s the little things that can make something stand out the most.

I think this bikini (and all her bikinis for that matter) would be fabulous onboard a yacht, sipping champagne and enjoying the Miami sun!

So on that note, cheers to summer!



  1. Ivete says:

    I don’t see what you have to improve on, you look great! The bikini and caftan are gorgeous and I can totally see rocking it on boat while sipping bubbly.

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