Soaprezza Beauty

I had a belated birthday lunch with my bestie last week and he took me out for a fabulous lunch and gifted me with this beautiful box from Body Rock Scrubs. He obviously knows me very well so I knew that what this little red box contained HAD to be good.
I was wrong…the products aren’t good, they’re amazing! You guys know by now that I’m an organic/natural/healthy type of gal so I love anytime that I can incorporate good quality products into my life that not only enhance my well being but also look/feel/smell beautiful too.
The packaging was very simple and perfectly appropriate for the vibe of everything inside the box. A little rustic but very beautiful and chic.

There were a lot of delicious items inside the box:
A scrub, shaving cream (which is absolutely life changing), several scented soy candles, creamy lip balms and my personal favorite, 4 different scented bar soaps.
I’m a soap fanatic…so much so that I prefer soap to body washes and when it’s made in this artisan way, it’s a great little luxury to have in your shower. The scents are very fresh and elegant.
Walking into my bathroom now smells like a mixture of spa and ocean…yes, it’s super dreamy in there.

Body Rock Scrubs is a Miami based company and although I couldn’t dig up much online besides a website and some social media links, I hope it is a company that keeps growing and doing what its doing because we all need a little soaprezza in our life from time to time.




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