Take It Easy

Fact: the title happens to be one of my favorite songs…
I mean, what can I say, I grew in Indiana. The Eagles were kind of a big deal in my youth (along with the Grateful Dead, DMB and Phish…I know, I know…totally random).
One of the reasons why I like that song is because it still resonates with me today.
We’re all here running around like mad women and men, rushing from here to there, being connected through more apps than we ever could have dreamed of and rarely taking the time to simply enjoy the moment.
Sometimes it takes a song, a blog post, a newsfeed or a friend to remind us to stop and chill.
For me, the weather lately has been my catalyst to slow things down. I’ve forced myself to go and enjoy the beach, the sun, the breeze, the umbrella shade and let myself unwind from the day to day craze we all live in. And it feels AMAZING! Honestly, try once a month (or once a week if you can) to truly relax. Take a day off. Make no plans. Answer no calls. And just take it easy.

Top: Leopard print cropped shirt by Zoe & Sam from Gilt
Bottoms: Boyfriend distressed jeans by Rag & Bone c/o Saks Bal Harbour (these are my go-to relax jeans…I’m totally obsessed with them)
Shoes: Fabia sandals by Dolce Vita

And yes, I shot some of these pics with total “pata sucia” in the Design District but frankly, I wanted to be chill and nothing says chill to me like being barefooted next to Louis Vuitton ;)
All images by  Emma del Rey
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  1. April 12, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    lovely! the blue denim looks so vibrant next to the leopard print!