Miami Beach Guide with Quinny Yezz

{Ready to take you on a tour of our city}

When the über chic team from Quinny reached out to me and asked if I could showcase the city I love while giving the new Yezz stroller a stroll, I immediately signed on. I mean, I get to include two things that I love dearly with this post, my daughter Mia and my beautiful city, Miami Beach. It was a match made in mommy heaven. These are my top four (4) spots in Miami Beach, all of which will provide you with a different view and vibe of our little tropical home.
Traveling around Miami Beach with a child is made infinitely easier with the Quinny Yezz. Some of these places are crowded and require you to be able to maneuver around people easily…and thanks to Quinny Yezz’s four wheels and compact size, you’ll be weaving in and out of tourists like a real local.
So let’s get our five point harness secured and get this show on the road!

First up on my list is the stunning South Pointe Park and its newly renovated pier. This is hands down one of my favorite spots in all of Miami Beach. The cruise ships depart from this waterway making it a truly unique sight to see during the evening when multiple cruise ships take to the sea. Come and enjoy the children’s playground while enjoying a passion fruit smoothie or grab a drink at the famed Smith & Wollensky’s which just so happens to be situated to give you some of Miami Beach’s best sunset views.
Mia and I love to come to South Pointe Park for an afternoon stroll and enjoy watching the water traffic pass us by. It’s place that truly feels like a postcard come to life.

Second spot on the list is, of course, the beach. I mean, we build our city’s brand on this stunning feature. There are plenty of beaches to chose from but I’m partial to 1st street beach because of its proximity to South Pointe Park and its more relaxed vibe. Here, you’ll find more locals and less chaos…which is perfect for families. The Quinny Yezz made our beach outing a breeze (pun intended). We were able to take the stroller with us to the shoreline and because it only weighs 11 lbs, pulling it backwards (as you often need to do with strollers on the sand) was super easy.

I love that the stroller is made of IXEF High Performance plastic so sand/suncreen/melted ice cream…whatever you may encounter, is super easy to clean off. This is great for all us busy moms…anything that can simplify life is a good thing!

Next up is the world-famous Lincoln Road Mall but while it’s been a Miami Beach staple for a long time, the west part of Lincoln Road, specifically the 1111 block is full of new and exciting stores and restaurants. We love coming to this end of Lincoln Road and enjoying a quick afternoon treat at famed Ladurée or grabbing dinner at the delicious Baires Grill. If you’re into enjoying an utterly decadent burger, you must head over to one of our favorite spots, Shake Shack. With burgers and fries and milkshakes oh my…this is one spot that the whole family will love.

{Checking out how long the line is for Shake Shack}

Especially unique to this part of Lincoln Road are the multiple koi type ponds located along this block. It is a great place to entertain your children while shopping or waiting for dinner to arrive to the table. Mia is always asking to see the fish and for me to explain to her how the lily pads float…which trust me, is not an easy feat to explain to a 2 year old.

And last up on my list is the up and coming neighborhood called Sunset Harbour. This true locals’ neighborhood is chalked full of local shops, boutique stores and locally owned restaurants. We love coming here and browsing the new arrivals at Metta Loving Kindess or enjoying an iced latte at Panther Coffee (Mia is in love with their desserts). Other stand out spots are Ice Box Cafe and the gorgeous children’s area at the Maurice Gibb park.

Because this neighborhood is new and currently under a lot of renovation, it’s great that the Quinny Yezz folds up in seconds flat and comes with a super handy strap that allows me to put it on my shoulder for an easy carry giving me the ability to have both hands free…and you guys know you need BOTH hands with a toddler sometimes ;)

{This stroller is perfect for urban settings}

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this city guide of my beautiful town of Miami Beach. Mia and I loved taking you and the Quinny Yezz to all our favorite spots. Our Quinny Yezz is packing up and heading with us to Switzerland for the summer so if you want to see where else it can “roll” be sure to follow us on Instagram here and here.

Martha (and Mia)

This post was sponsored by Quinny Yezz but all written content, pictures and opinions are my own.



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