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There are a kazillion perks to vacationing all summer BUT one downside is the effects that the sun, sea and hard water (very common in Europe) can have on your hair.
I deal with this every summer in Switzerland.
The water is extremely hard and it always leaves my hair fried towards the end of our stay.
Sassoon Salon reached out to me and offered to “revive” my hair from the exhaustion of summer and I gladly accepted.
After many swims in the Lake of Zurich and washing my hair with the Swiss hard water, my hair was thirsty and brittle.
Step inside the Sassoon Salon in Miami with me and find out what steps they took to give my hair some much needed CPR ;)

It’s obvious that Sassoon is a name that not only resonates perfection but also cutting edge technique and products.
The first part of my appointment consistent of a clarifying treatment. This is KEY to bringing back your hair from the harshness of summer fun. The clarifying treatment works to remove old color, hard water, salt, minerals and other things that weigh your hair down.
I had master colorist, Ronnie, work her magic on my locks for this part. She carefully distributed the treatment all over my hair and I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes while it breathed some life into it.
By the way, Ronnie is THE east coast nominee for “Colorist of the Year” so you better believe I’ll be running her way once baby no.2 is born. This is a huge honor and to have her here in our backyard is a major perk.
After the clarifying treatment, Pascal, the salon’s director (and kind of a big deal in the Sassoon world) came up to me and gently suggested that I cut off those sad ends…
After some hesitation, I agreed that he was right and sat myself down for a real cut…not just the kind where you say “just trim the ends”…you know what I mean?
As I saw the inches come off and the hair get shorter, I somehow felt relieved.
My hair immediately took to its natural wave (which hasn’t happened in a long time) and it had a nice bounce and movement.
Pascal explained that when we over dry/over heat our hair (which is VERY common), it looses its elasticity and its natural wave…
This cut he gave me will allow me to let my hair air dry when I’m in a hurry and have it look nice…where as before, if I didn’t have the time to blow it out, it was immediately pulled back into a bun…which of course, caused more damage to it.
After the treatment and the cut…my hair was already looking healthier and bouncier. The ends are less dry and despite my color (preggo drawback), I didn’t mind the look of a non-blown out style.
But of course, to be truly polished and “done”, a good blow out is kind of necessary so after I spent a couple minutes admiring my natural look, Pascal re-washed my hair and gave me a sleek and clean blow out.
You can see how much happier and beautiful my hair looks:
Big thanks to Pascal for keeping my length “long” and truly taking the time to explain to me how to better treat my hair.
This team at the Sassoon Salon Miami is absolutely fabulous and if you’re looking for perfection and professionalism, this is YOUR place.
Trust me.
I will always be back here.
Looking to revive your hair from your jet set travels of the summer?
Call up your local Sassoon Salon and let them give you everything from a haircut to a treatment to a fresh color.
The team will get you ready for fall with a new look, fresh locks and a little extra bounce in your step…I mean, hair.
To learn more about Sassoon Salon: visit here or follow on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.
This is Sassoon. This is Hair Design.
*Services rendered were complimentary on behalf of Sassoon Salons but all thoughts are my own.*

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