Ted & Muffy

Fall in Miami….the notion of sipping warm drinks, wearing cozy knits and rocking boots is in the minds of all us gals but the reality of fall in Miami is very different. We get to pick certain aspects of those notions but never all of them combined. You’d overheat before you know it ;)
Anyway, I always opt for the boot option when it comes to fall attire because I can keep the rest of my look breezy and light.
When the team from Ted & Muffy reached out to me offering one of their custom fitted foots, I debated for days which one to take because let’s be honest, boots are timeless and can be in your wardrobe for many seasons to come. I wanted to pick something that I could foresee myself in this fall and for many falls after. Enter this suede knee high boot. Yeah, it’s perfect.

Dress: Jacquard dress by Zara (yes, I know, my 7 month preggo belly makes this dress micro mini)
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The beautiful thing about Ted & Muffy is not only their style but their perfect width which they’ve dubbed their “Fairytale Fit”…so you know I’m all about that. These particular boots were shipped to me having the perfect calf fit for my legs. This has always been an issue for me because I have small calves and will often look like I’m swimming in boots.

As you can see, these fit like a glove….or I guess, a custom fit boot ;)Ted & Muffy Boots
Have you heard of Ted & Muffy yet? I 100% recommend them to anyone looking for luxury,  high quality, classic boots…trust me, I’m a picky gal when it comes to shoes and these guys passed all my expectations and then some….
And lastly, yes, they’re comfortable…even for my preggo self ;)
All images by Emma del Rey
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