Thakoon Dress

So let’s be honest, a cold front in Miami means only a slight breeze and chiller temps.
Define chiller, you ask? Oh, you know…like 65 degrees or so.
Yeah, I know. We are total lightweights when it comes to the cold. Nonetheless, it does get fresh for our standards so we have to make due with our summer clothes and figure a way for them to work in the winter. I love adding a simple jacket over a dress. No need to go bulk, always a fan of layering.
I love this Thakoon dress because it’s super lightweight and has great movement BUT it’s sleeveless so voila, I added the moto crop jacket and this dress was immediately winter ready. At least a Miami winter.

Dress: Printed silk by Thakoon (similar here, here and here)
Jacket: Moto cropped c/o Armani Exchange (similar here and here)
Shoes: Bev Cutout heel by Banana Republic (sold out but similar here and here)

I know, the whole “winter in Miami” seems a bit bipolar. Jacket on the top, sandals on the feet but for us, it totally works.

Hope you’re staying fashionably warm wherever you are.