10 Crosby Derek Lam Dress

I’m not gonna lie to you guys…I own wayyyyy too many LBDs. It’s like my kryptonite. I have no will power when I see one that I like. And even though they all have the same color palette, in my eyes, they’re all unique and definitely necessary in my wardrobe. This 10 Crosby Derek Lam dress is a perfect in styling, cut, and bounce. I love the piping detail that can be seen once you get up close (and a little personal). It makes this dress look a little more polished and not so plain. I paired it with my most favorite heels ever. I mean, they have a satin bow, they have pearls, and they’re under 4 inches…mom perfection if you ask me.

Dress: black piping flounce dress by 10 Crosby Derek Lam (similar here and here)
Heels: Satin pearl sandals by Valentino (similar here)
This one is creeping into my top 5. I find that it’s super versatile for just about every occasion…from dinner, to events, to a fun happy hour with girlfriends…okay, so I made that last one up. Who’s got time for happy hour with girlfriends when you’ve got to crazies at home keeping you busy ;)
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