High Heel Daydreams

I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss my high heels. I do. I miss them very much. Sometimes I create scenarios in my head and pretend that I’ll be going somewhere that requires me to be in heels…so I’ll get dressed for my everyday errands/life and put on some heels.

It doesn’t last very long, I almost always change back to my ballet flats after an hour or so, but that hour of high heel wearing recharges me and gets me, well, a little high. Pun intended. Mom life is basically being able to be on the go, chase, and keep up with your high energy munchkins so wearing high heels is almost always a no-go…until you decide it’s a definite go. Then, by all means, go, go, go!

Blazer: navy wool blazer by Theory
Jeans: Shya cigarrette jean by Genetic Denim
Bag: Envelope bag by Banana Republic
Shoes: Very Prive by Christian Louboutin (new version here)

As the babes get older and more apt to listening to me (this is going to happen at one point, right???), I am hopeful that my heels will become more of a regular thing in my shoe rotation. Until then, we will always have shopping at Whole Foods and errands at the bank.

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