Coach Dinky Bag

Truth be told, we overuse a lot of words in the fashion world. One of those words is timeless. I mean, let’s be honest, not EVERYTHING can be timeless. If that would be the case, we’d never have new trends and styles. But some things, some can truly call themselves timeless. A classic blazer, a pair of perfectly fitted black dress pants, a sheath dress, a nude strappy heel, and of course, a Coach bag.
Yes, Coach definitely falls into that category. Something about their gorgeous leathers, classy color options, and attention to detail that keep Coach consistently in the forefront of style. This Coach Dinky bag is no exception.

Dress: Linen sheath dress by Theory (similar here)
Bag: Dinky crossbody c/o Coach
Shoes: Woven leather sandals by BCBG (similar here, here and here)

This has been a great addition to my “on the go” wardrobe. I can easily fit my massive iPhone 7 plus in there (who knew I’d have so much trouble carrying that thing around) plus some other essentials. I’ll be posting what’s in my Coach Dinky soon so check the Instagram to see it.

My favorite part about this classic bag, the option to wear it crossbody…you know I NEED both hands to be readily availble. #MomLife ;)