Equipment Shirt


I never intended to be a “super” breastfeeding mama in regards to the length of time my children would nurse. Truth be told, it was a very rocky road at first. I remember crying to fellow bloggers at an event 10 days after Mia was born and telling them I couldn’t do it. It was too hard. I hated it. My friends, fellow moms, comforted me and told me that it was okay to not nurse, to give her formula, that it would all be alright. And they were right. Either decision would have been alright and Mia would still have been a happy, beautiful, healthy baby. I chose to breastfeed and to find a way to make it work for me and my new baby. I hired a lactation consultant, I read articles, I watched latch videos, I put in my time…and then one day, Mia and I, well, we were finally in sync and our happy breastfeeding journey began (granted, this was about 5 weeks after she was born).

Where am I going with this and how does this tie into fashion? Well, breastfeeding your baby means your “girls” have to be accessible basically all the time. Lord knows I’ve made the mistake of wearing something that was not boob friendly and having my child scream for milk/comfort will make you take scissors to even your most expensive threads just so the baby can get what he/she needs. Truth.
Anyway, I started investing in pieces that would keep me looking chic but still be nursing friendly without actually being nursing tops. Got it? Cool.

I have always been a fan of Equipment silk shirts because of this reason. Equipment shirts are luxe, button down, stylish, and super versatile. Wear them with shorts, jeans, overalls (super cute, btw), black pants like here, a-line skirts, etc…

Top: Major Silk blouse by Equipment (another option here)
Pants: Kate fit cropped by Ann Taylor
Shoes: Pigalle 85 by Christian Louboutin
Bag: Tassel patent bag c/o Ted & Muffy (similar here)

I nursed Mia for over 2 years and little Alexander is at a year and three months with little sign of stopping so it looks like I’ll be in my Equipment shirts for at least another year to come.
Which, let’s be honest, I can’t really complain about.


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