Sam & Lavi Silk dress

Guys, I can not believe it…I’m sitting in my home in Miami writing this post. Seriously, where did the time go? My daughter, Mia, will be starting school on Monday!! What? When did my baby grow up and when did her princess costumes get replaced by a school uniform? I was always “warned” by seasoned moms that the time would fly…but when you’re in the middle of long nights, long days, and little time to yourself, it truly feels like time is dragging by. And then one day, everything seems to fall into place, the kids actually feed themselves, dressing them becomes less of a battle, and their independence starts to show…which can only mean one thing, they are growing up.

Because I feel like I’m finally able to “see” it, I’ve been soaking it all up since. Every minute of it. Every tantrum, every hug, every “why not????”, every smile and innocent giggle. Everything. The kids and I had an absolutely perfect summer. Being away from home kind of forces you to unite in all you do. You have no choice but to enjoy the company you keep every minute of every day. And we did just that. We wandered, we played, we drove, we ate, we danced, we let the summer guide us to our next event. And we enjoyed each other tremendously. I will cherish these months always. I was able to reset and unplug from our regular life…which is also beautiful but often demanding. I had no obligations other than to be with the kids. Each morning, we would say “what are we going to do today?” with a smile. No plans but so many things accomplished. So, how do I tie this dress into this post? Well, I wore this dress about a million times this summer. It’s easy to throw on and it looks polished even with little leather sandals. I could easily tie it up by my legs if we decided to take a dip in the lake too. It was perfect for our unplanned days.

Dress: Silk flower dress by Sam & Lavi (other beautiful floral silk dresses here, here, and here)
Shoes: Emily suede heels by Jimmy Choo

I’m excited to be back but definitely will be adding a little prayer that I can remain focused on my family most…and to not let school, ballet classes, golf lessons, swim lessons (aka Miami life) get me too off course.


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