Zurich with Kids (Part 2)

Part two of my little city guide to Zurich with kids. Zurich is a wonderful city for both adults and children alike. There is something for everyone and hopefully you’ll discover something new when you go and let me know about it ;) That’s the beauty of this city, there’s always a new spot waiting to be found but until then, here are some of my fave spots in Zurich while traveling with your babes.

LuganoLet’s start with the beautiful, picturesque city of Lugano. Switzerland is so unique in that it truly has different languages, cultures, and vibes. Once you cross into the Italian part of Switzerland, the energy also changes into a more relaxed, warm vibe. We made the three hour drive from Zurich and thoroughly enjoyed our time in this city. It is extremely kid friendly. Their park along the lake is like no other I’ve seen, their public pool area is also the best in the country (in my opinion), and of course, the food and the gelato…la dolce vita indeed!

Park Im GrüeneJust outside of Zurich in the suburb of Rüschlikon is a beautiful piece of land that houses a kids’ playground, a water feature, barbecue areas, picturesque walking trails, plenty of open space for soccer, and a self service restaurant. It’s a great place to have lunch and fun. I enjoy bringing the kids here when we looking to stay somewhere for a while. We usually play, then have lunch, then play again, then finish the outing with some ice-cream while overlooking the Lake of Zurich. It’s a fantastic spot for families.

Just on the opposite end of the Lake of Zurich is the truly magical town of Rapperswil. It not only looks like something out of a fairy tale book, it actually has a castle! We love going to this town to “get away” without having to drive too far. It feels like you’re on vacation when you’re here! There’s a fantastic kids’ playground by the lake and at the base of the castle. There are plenty of charming streets to stroll, boats to rent, and benches to stop and enjoy the beauty.

Richertswil BadiA badi is basically an area on the lake where there is direct access for swimming purposes and trust me, there are plenty of badis in the Zurich area BUT we love this one because it tends to not be super crowded, it has a great grill restaurant, and their kids’ area is fabulous. It also has clean showers, restrooms, and is easy to park at. This is where we go when the weather is just too good to ignore. Sometimes we just buy sandwiches from our local bakery and picnic too. I definitely recommend this spot.

Zurich AirportI know, who knew that going to the airport could be so much fun? The Zurich airport is not only the best airport in the world (in my opinion) but it’s also one of the most super friendly airports I’ve ever encountered. Just past security at Terminal B is a huge kids playground, a small aircraft for the kids to climb in and enjoy, the option to take the shuttle to another observation deck, a great restaurant, bathrooms, and did I mention the killer view of the planes taking off? It’s a fantastic place to spend a couple hours. We did it several times over the summer and we enjoyed it every time!

Zurich ZooWhile the Kinder zoo is geared towards smaller children, the Zurich Zoo is the real deal when it comes to zoos. It’s a massive park with restaurants, multiple playgrounds, water features, rides, a petting farm, and some of the nicest displays of wild animals. This is a great workout too ;) You’ll definitely want to take the stroller or you may end up carrying your toddler around because there is a lot of walking to do here. The parking is vast and very easy to get in and out of, it’s in a beautiful part of town, and if you don’t want to drive, there is a direct tram to the zoo from city center. We had a wild time here ;)

That’s it for now, babes! Hope you enjoyed my “guide”!!